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Syndicated content’s ‘new’ identity

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

feed iconNicholas sent me a couple links last week. After reading Asa Dotzler’s post on the adoption of the Firefox feed icon by Microsoft, I knew I had to act on this. It’s not often direct competitors work together for the good of the end-user and it’s especially rare when Microsoft is one of the participating parties. So, I took that pretty little 32×32 icon and rebuilt it in Illustrator – saved a bunch of different sizes in PSD and AI format and posted them as a package on my site. The response has been good so far and people seem pretty stoked that we might just have a decent replacement for those ugly, ambiguous RSS/XML buttons.

If you run a site, contribute to one or are a designer/developer, I hope you’ll see the benefit of having a standard icon to represent syndicated content and plop one of these icons on your site(s).

Oh, and if you’re turned off by the orange – no worries, I’ve included instructions for customizing the icon to match your colour scheme.

Take a ride to Bounty County

Monday, December 19th, 2005

We are happy to announce a new website for listing free and open source software coding bounties:

Bounty County

This was an idea that had been rattling around in our heads for a while and last Tuesday we decided to just get it done. We had a great bunch of folks volunteer to manage the site, but we could only pick one, so Sean Coon will be head wrangler of the County. He’s already got a few bounties listed, and we’ll be adding more today and as people send them in.

So if you know of projects that are offering free, open-source coding bounties or if you want to go bounty hunting yourself, come on over to the Bounty County.

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