Miro Internet TV Blog - Archive for February, 2006

Now Hiring: Web Director and Designer

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Our wonderful Matt Brett who has been holding it down on our website is moving out to a great design job that he was offered and we’re looking to fill his position and another. I just posted job descriptions here.

Even if you aren’t looking for a job, we’d love help getting the message out to anyone who you think would work well with us. Thanks!

+ Day

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

We’ve had an overwhelming response in the blogosphere and on the internet this week. We were ecstatic over the positive things people were saying about Democracy Player, convincing me to keep on working through the weekend. So, thanks to everyone reading this, you guys are great early adopters.

To tell you the truth, it’s a big relief to release Democracy Player in the wild — now that we have a full website to show everyone what the Democracy Platform is, we have some serious to-do items to knock off our list. Also, I feel motivated to knock some to-do’s off because we are finally dealing with something that is real… launching something is a good motivator for our organization and our productivity.

By the way, if you’re a coder or tech-oriented and want to help triage bugs and do bug testing, drop us and me a line at feedback at pculture dot org.

Great emails mean a lot

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

We’ve gotten such a great reponse from lots of different people. We have an overwhelming amount of email. Because people have taken the time to write us, we like to make sure everyone knows how much we appreciate the suggestions and compliments that they give us and the time people have taken to tell us what they care about and think about Democracy. Many people are surprised that we write back, I get the “glad to talk to a real person and a real organization” attitude back a lot. It’s fun for all involved to connect to people in whatever capacity, it seems.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from someone who has turned into a friend of PCF. I quote the email below, which when I started reading it, sounded like spam (the first line seemed like a request for money…sorry to say, T.J.). I was going to delete it, but then T.J. grabbed my attention. Definitely, see why below. I’m posting this email because I think it is really important to be continually reminded about why people need to be able to communicate with each other in many different ways, including video.

When we first started work on Democracy, we hoped and believed that it was finally feasible for small groups and communities to broadcast to other people around the world with ease and without hassle. I have a few favorite dreams of what the platform can do. I hope that anyone can watch a channel of all the videos in their native tongue, produced somewhere else in the world or next door. Eventually, anyone can set up a computer with Broadcast Machine and Democracy Player on it and be able to create a community broadcasting station, giving the town a local channel, easily and affordably. And lastly, I look forward to the time when every Democracy Player comes with a de facto local channel — any video tagged with a nearby zipcode would be a part of the local channel. T.J. reminds us that communication with people (we care about) makes a huge difference (in life). Thanks, T.J. and family.

Hello, Let me explain my situation so that you better understand what I am wanting to do. I am in the Army and I am stationed away from my wife and most of my other family/friends. I want to use broadcast machine to create a video blog/diary type of thing so that I can keep up with those other special people in my life. I want to post video entries, and would like others to be able to do the same. I was thinking I would just create a channel for each person. However, I want to create two channels for me and two for my wife…. I want this to work because we are in different time zones, and work different shifts, so we can squeeze in phone calls every now and then but it’s really difficult. If we could do this then we could just record entries at our leisure. Moreover, when windows DTV is finished we can even have our entries pre-downloaded for us! :-) . Very exciting.”

You can see T.J.’s blog here. We hope he inspires you to come up with different ways to make communication channels that mean something to you and to possibly, a larger group of people throughout the world. Stay safe, T.J.

Democracy on the ‘old’ television

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Last night, flipping through channels on the old television, came across G4′s “Attack of the Show” — a show that has a channel in the Democracy Channel Guide. After a few seconds of talking about American Idol, the hosts segued into how that show was on the “old” television, and there was a “new” television: the Democracy video player. It was wild to see the Democracy Channel Guide featured on television, and to turn my head and see the Channel Guide on my laptop. Look for AOTS in the Channel Guide, or you can “add channel”, paste in their feed in Democracy player, and watch the show from Feb. 22nd as soon as it comes through for an awesome ‘demo’ of Democracy. (Plus, some of the sample footage they used was from some-pig, which was great to see on the old TV.) We were similarly psyched to see Democracy mentioned on the R-boom today, that one’s ready to watch right now in the player.