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Democracy on the ‘old’ television

February 23rd, 2006 by David Moore

Last night, flipping through channels on the old television, came across G4′s “Attack of the Show” — a show that has a channel in the Democracy Channel Guide. After a few seconds of talking about American Idol, the hosts segued into how that show was on the “old” television, and there was a “new” television: the Democracy video player. It was wild to see the Democracy Channel Guide featured on television, and to turn my head and see the Channel Guide on my laptop. Look for AOTS in the Channel Guide, or you can “add channel”, paste in their feed in Democracy player, and watch the show from Feb. 22nd as soon as it comes through for an awesome ‘demo’ of Democracy. (Plus, some of the sample footage they used was from some-pig, which was great to see on the old TV.) We were similarly psyched to see Democracy mentioned on the R-boom today, that one’s ready to watch right now in the player.

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