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Launch Prep Hyper Go (and Video Bomb updates)

February 20th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

We’re all in over-drive here trying to get the Windows version of DTV ready for the launch tomorrow. But not just that, we’re also fixing things on the Channel Guide (design and functionality), we’re updating the icon for the app, and we’re trying to get out an updated Broadcast Machine release. But not just that, either: our two biggest non-DTV projects right now are a totally new website that will be homebase for the video player as well as the related tools like Video Bomb and Broadcast Machine, and we just made a bunch of key updates and fixes to Video Bomb.

Two new Video Bomb features: you can now email videos to a friend and you can also see other popular videos in the sidebar when you’re looking at one video. A couple nice additions that will help videos spread. Most importantly, we also added some basic functionality that will let people bomb videos from DTV– you’ll be able to try it tomorrow. It’s simple for now: when you click the bomb, you’ll switch to a browser that will take you to Video Bomb. Simple, but it works pretty well– we think it will get a lot more people bombing and sharing their bomb channels with their friends.

Now’s also a good time to give some shout outs to people that have swarmed around this release helping us get things in line: Dean has been kicking ass on the Channel Guide, adding channels and fixing problems for people – Andy has swooped in to fix Channel Guide bugs (even though he lives on a bus with his band!) – Morgan has heeded our call for some emergency design help on the new site and came through fast – Mike has been touching up the Channel Guide design to get things in place – Matt has been holding down channel moderation like a pro – and Tom is helping us get the new icon going. And that’s not even mentioning how much ass all the full-timers have been kicking– staying up all night, handling ten different projects at once. It’s been fun actually and I guess tomorrow is not going to be any slower…

4 Responses to “Launch Prep Hyper Go (and Video Bomb updates)”

  1. carlanga says:

    It doesn’t work. I tried to send a video and I get an Application error (rails).
    Do you know why?

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