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New Broadcast Machine Release

February 21st, 2006 by admin

It’s been a couple of months since the last release of Broadcast Machine, and we’ve made a bunch of big changes. The biggest one is the use of ‘friendly URLs’ which will work with iTunes and other picky feed readers, and should also make your site more accessible for search engines like Google. This is still a somewhat experimental feature and requires a little bit of setup, but it works well everywhere that we have tried it out.

The other big addition is much-improved MySQL support – basically, all of your data can be stored in MySQL. This is great for larger sites, or sites that want to plug BM into their CMS or other tool, but if you’re running a site without much data, stick with the non-MySQL for now.

There are a bunch of bug fixes and other smaller improvements. In the future, expect to see a much-improved theme system as well as a new version of the BitTorrent code.

Thanks to all of the coders who submitted bug fixes and all of the users who have given us feedback – it’s been great!

31 Responses to “New Broadcast Machine Release”

  1. carlanga says:

    I think there are something wrong with the package. I downloaded, uploaded to my server and nothing change. I couldn’t fing upgrade instruction neither.

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  4. JP says:

    When can we expect a new release?

  5. meridia says:

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