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Command-Line Version of Democracy Wanted

March 21st, 2006 by Tiffiniy Cheng

Our development team has been focused on trying to make sure new versions of Democracy Player work exactly as they are supposed to, no more, no less. A big part of doing this is making sure the testing process is thorough and expansive, which is to say that a command-line based front end for Democracy Player is much needed.

A command-line front end is less complicated than the graphical front ends for Windows and Mac. You might be interested in helping us make a command-line front end if you want to see Democracy Player for other OS platforms that don’t take to embedded web browsers, create a more flexible Democracy Player or want to be able to use Democracy Player in the background of your MythTV box.

If you’re interested in making a simple but really important contribution by taking this task on, please email me directly at tyc at pculture dot org. Our development team and I would love to talk more about this.

6 Responses to “Command-Line Version of Democracy Wanted”

  1. matt g says:

    a myth plug in would be sweet…

  2. Tim Child says:

    Actually I was just thinking about doing this before I clicked on the blog here.

    In my house we dont actually have normal television anymore, the satellite box hasnt had its subscription updated despite the fact that we have 3 really good televisions in the house. At the moment I am getting all my content from the internet and I am in the process of creating a server that will hold all the media and also grab it from the internet.

    A command line tool will really help as obviously this doesn’t need to do anything except sit there grabbing content that will later on be watched on another device on a plasma or bedroom TV.

    I will be checking out the code soon!

  3. tomhiggins says:

    A good example of why this would be of great use in spreading the meme is Bashpodder, a podcatcher done all in about 40 lines of bash.

    It would be great to have a common set of simple cross platform scripts, say like in Bash, that would handle the rss feeds for getting new content, putting them in proper directories and launching a configurable set of players (based on what platform is in use) to show the goodies.

    I have not peeked at the rss specs for democracy, maybe now is a good time to do that. If anyone is working along similar lines please post up here, dupilcation of effort cuts into my beer drinking time.


  4. th0m says:

    i’d love to help get this going!

  5. teebee says:

    XBMC! that would be kuwl

  6. Ken Kennedy says:

    I would actually be very interested in this, and would be willing to help. I do most of my hacking in Python these days, so hopefully I’d be of some use…*grin*. I’ll send you an email separately, Tiffiniy.

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