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A version for your friends and family

April 10th, 2006 by Tiffiniy Cheng

We’re wicked pumped to announce the newest version of Democracy Player today! It is faster, more responsive, easy-to-use, stable, and looks well-organized, intuitive, obvious, and cleaner. We have been aggressively testing this new version for the past week, worked out a bunch of bugs, and now find Democracy Player at a point that is undeniably satisfying.

You can download a version that’s ready to go for non-techies and techies alike, here: Get Democracy

We think you really will like the latest version. And we’re sure that this is the version that you can tell your friends and family about. Democracy Player downloads to your computer and starts downloading videos for you to watch without any hassles. People who have never heard of internet TV can now see for themselves what the promise of internet TV really is. This version, because it is stable and ready to roll, can show any newbie what internet TV really does for them.

What internet TV looks like: democracy 082 screenshotDemocracy Player 0.8.2

The Channel Guide also boasts over 400 channels and there are hosts of webpages of video that deserve to be watched on your internet TV. One of my favorite channels/webpages to watch in Democracy Player is the Ubu channel — it has archived art and non-art videos collected by really dedicated people. To watch webpages in your Democracy Player, click on the “Add Channel” button and paste in the webpage’s url — Democracy Player will do all the work of finding and grabbing videos and update you whenever there is a new video posted to the site. If you’ve never watched videos on your own internet TV before, you might enjoy full screen, automatic video delivery of your favorite videos from the web.

Now that we have a version that we think is good for everyone, including your friends and family, PCF development is going to go into a monthly release cycle. We have learned a lot from other companies and from our experience and we’re going to try releasing a new version every month. With most of the bugs worked out in this release, we’re ready to start adding new features for next month’s release. I’ll have more details about them as we go.

So, all in all, thanks to everyone who has helped out on testing and helped out on the development list. And great job to our development team. You make internet TV awesome!

If you are interested in helping to test the weekly or monthly build that comes out every Friday, please, please join our testing team. Testing is an esssential part of making internet TV work, so consider it and join us here.

40 Responses to “A version for your friends and family”

  1. Andy says:

    “A version for your friends and family”

    Sadly this isn’t the one – on the Mac anyways.

    It still takes over the machine – using all of the processor and making it impossible to do anything while it is running…

    I will check back with the next update though…

  2. webdiffuseur says:

    i’m e french guy and i try for 2 weeks to register my channel but
    everytime i have the message:”you still need to upload a thumbnail image for your channel” but on Mac OSX 10,4 the button “choose an image” das’nt work anytime and i leave severals messages and no respond…
    i know it’s free and team work hard but democracy it’s also somethings for every body no? and i’m a little bit “frustré”.
    is there anybody out there?


  3. The new version has been a lot more stable on XP so far. Thanks for the work you’re putting into this.

  4. Ivan says:

    Download 0.8.2 for Mac and install. Try launching it, but failed. The Mac said no respond. Try restart and download again. The new version does not work. Running PPC G5, Tiger 10.4.6, and QT 7.0.4. I may need to keep using 0.8.1a.

  5. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    Hi, thanks for the comments. Pierrot, what’s your email? You can email me at tyc at pculture.org.

    Andy, you can try not downloading any torrents and make sure you download a few videos at a time. In the next version, we are capping upload bandwitdth to help with this problem. Also, what kind of machine are you on? Thanks for the support, though.

    Ivan, do you want to file a bug report? We can see what is really going on that way? You can tell us more here: https://develop.participatoryculture.org/projects/democracy/newticket

    And finally, Mike, we’re glad to hear it! Thanks for taking the time to tell us so!

  6. Andy says:

    Hi Tiffiniy. Thanks for the reply.

    I’m on a PowerBook G4. It’s limited to three downloads at a time, but even when not downloading it’s sucking the processor.

    I know this isn’t the right place for support stuff, but, like Pierrot, I’ve made bug reports and not heard a peep from anyone. I then got “frustré” and almost gave up on Democracy [wow- that sounds... bad]. I do understand that it’s not easy and I do appreciate the effort.

    I would suggest that maybe you find someone to act as liason between the community and the developers – or is that you?

  7. Andy says:

    Ugh. I just tried it again and it zapped all my channels, restarting me from scratch. Argggghhhhh!

  8. Greg Smith says:

    When will it be a Universal Binary?

  9. tikal26 says:

    I feel that it is beteer on my XP machine so far so that is nice. I don’t know if you have any newson the Linux front? but so far with the windows build I feel that is getting better and better thanks for the good job

  10. Jonah says:

    I upgraded from 0.8.1 to 0.8.2 on my Window 2000 box; now DP crashes silently when I try to start it.

  11. judson says:

    Also doesn’t launch at all for me, on a mac. Oh well, I threw the old one away :(

  12. Matt says:

    Great idea, and I installed it with excitement. Only problem: the XP version is super buggy.

    - I’ve added a few Feeds, however no videos are downloaded, even after I selected “download all”.

    - When I try to remove the default feeds, I get the “are you sure” popup, click OK, but they stay in the list.

    - Only cosmetic, but when I click through the list on the left, the blue selection highlight doesn’t change, although the content in the big window does.

    I’ll be deinstalling, but looking forward to the first after-beta release.

  13. Won’t launch on my Mac either. OS and quicktime all up to date. Just bounces for a while and then locks up.

  14. Fab says:

    oh wow, reading these comments show “floating” results :)
    In my XP box all work fine, almost. More fast and stable than previous one.
    I’ll try the dev linux version one of these days (because “danger” is my second name!).
    Good work!

  15. splashy says:

    One minor suggestion, that would make it easier to submit a bug report, is to make it so you can copy and paste the url into your browser rather than having to type it in. I would definitely send more if I could do that when it crashes. I’m a bit lazy in the typing long urls department, so that would really make a difference for me.

    All in all, I am DEFINITELY enjoying getting Democracy Now! in your player on a regular basis. It has been working well most of the time on my Acer Aspire laptop running Windows Home XP with 1.5gb of ram and a 1.5gz processor. I am looking forward to the checking out the new version.

    Thank you for making this available.

  16. Betty Riley says:

    Just a heads up for anyone trying to install the update on their XP machine. I had to do this with both my desktop and my laptop.

    I had to uninstall the original version in either add/remove programs or use the uninstall under program files and then reboot before installing the update. I had problems with the update. It took my 5 tries with both machines to get it to work. Still testing it now to make sure that it is working properly now.

    DP. also corrupted my firefox and deleted all the bookmarks because it was intergrated into the browser after the first attempt.

  17. LePire says:

    The 0.8.2 just fucked out my earlier version and does not work.
    As somebody said in his mac version. I’m under Windows.

  18. Chris Combs says:

    It doesn’t bode particularly well that the link in this blog post is malformed.

  19. Jonah says:

    OK, its working now. I uninstalled, deleted the Democracy Player folder under Application Data, and then reinstalled. I haven’t played with it long enough to see if it crashes as much as 0.8.1 did.

  20. commander_keen23 says:

    Wow ! I use a Dual G4 Powermac 1.25Ghz on OS X 10.45 and the new Version is way mor stable and fast than the prior one. Really nice Job you do! Thanks allot

    However, Playlists/Collections would be great addition :)

  21. Simon says:

    The stability of the Windows version has clearly improved, though Democracy is still prone to freezing when changing channels. Definitely a step in the right direction though.

  22. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    Andy and Betty, that’s terrible, do you think you can send me an email (tyc at pculture dot org) with the details of all the things you were doing up to the point that you were zapping it… could you also send me your log file which is located in library/applicationsupport/democracy/log and on windows: c:/document and settings/yourusername/temp/democracy. you can send me all the files in the democracy folder.

    The way that we have to save the database sometimes messes things up — we’re changing the way we save databases so that this doesn’t happen anymore. I believe this will be in the next release.

    In order to help figure out why those crashes are happening for you (it might be the way Democracy works on your computer, etc.) so that we can fix it, please send me an email with the details and operating system and the log file. for windows, you must show hidden files, then look in c:/document and settings/yourusername/temp/democracy. Mister Charlie, I really would like to hear your situation (tyc at pculture dot org).

    Linux version probably coming out this week. Universal binary isn’t happening until some of the parts we use upgrade to a universal binary version — when that gets done, we’ll be upgraded to universal binary.

    Splashy, where are you seeing the url?

  23. Miguel says:

    The new player won’t let me subscribe to most chanels. I’ve been trying to resubscribe to Democracy Now, Freespeach Tv, Globalization Since 1492 and it won’t let me subscribe to any of them. When I hit the Go To link it goes right to a blank page.

    I tried uninstalling, and removing the files I could find in
    C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Participatory Culture Foundation\Democracy Player
    and Re-installing with no luck.

    I’m running it on a toshiba R10 using Windows XP TabletPC. The previous versions were buggy but this problem is brand new :(

  24. Ryan says:


    I have been looking around for a promo button or a web badge, something I can post on my site to help promote this great product, but I have not seen one yet.

    Been checking out some videos, and am very very pleased with the interface sofar. Keep up the good work!


  25. Nicholas Reville says:

    Ryan, here are some buttons:


  26. ACitizen says:

    My experience with 0.8.2 is a carbon copy of the one Miguel relates above.
    Using a Presario w/ WinXP.

  27. Ex Fan says:

    Angregator that won’t subscribe is useless. This is the worst vesion yet.

  28. Nicholas Reville says:

    Ex Fan– I’m sorry you’re having problems, can you give us any more details?

  29. Marie says:

    The new version is dreadfully buggy (on my iBook G4 with OS 10.3.9). It usually won’t open at all (icon just bounces in the dock) and when it does, it gets stuck in “loading channel guide” and has to be force-quit. Have not yet been able to use it at all! : (

  30. Marc Speth says:

    Just installed DTV 0.82 – used it for half an hour – I am throwing it in the trash and going back to 0.7 – Since when does a Macintosh program tell me that MPEG and Quicktime are unsupported formats?!?!?!? 90% of the shows I’ve downloaded with 0.7 are in those formats and now the new version tells me it won’t play 90% of the stuff I’ve downloaded using the previous version!?!?!?! I don’t think so!!!

  31. indiworks says:

    is there any way of turning off the default auto download (for all channels, specially new ones)? this feels like recording tv for 24h while you only want to watch a particular movie… otherwise the new version works for me for the most part (os x, 10.3.9). i subscribed to your testers list, but then i saw that it is probably meant for coders. i still could give you some basic feedback (os x, 10.3.9; imac g5), a simpler, more user friendly version of what needs to be tested might be a good idea at some point. (btw: as much as i like videobomb: i’m not sure about the name. in non-english speaking countries you might wonder why you should “bomb” videos that you like… something more positive (e.g.: http://www.hugg.com/) could attract a wider audience.)

  32. Nicholas Reville says:

    hi indiworks, right now there isn’t a setting to turn off the default behavior of having auto-download on when you subscribe to a channel. however, we expect to add this preference sometime in the future.

    and we’d love to have you on the testers list– it’s not just for coders.


  33. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    Hey Marc,

    that’s a weird bug you have found, seriously. can you give me more details if you don’t mind. mpeg and quicktime should work and work for me. could you tell me what kind of os you have and what kind of error message you are getting… can you still play the video? are you getting that on all the videos?
    Thanks for this.

    Hi Marie and others,

    Because of the way the program saves any code changes has been slightly cumbersome and problemsome, we are changing that and will be releasing a version that deals with upgrades without these problems. Basically, this problem is fixed. I’m sorry you had to experience it, really. And, we will be putting up the new version in two weeks.

  34. Matt Hartley says:

    Things are great except for trying to add content from the comedy section of the guide. I click the subscribe button, it changes to indicate “subscribe” successful and yet nothing from that section works.

  35. Flanders says:

    Please release a universal binary for Mac OS X.

  36. Tiffiniy says:

    we were waiting for python to have universal support. now that there is, we are moving on making a universal version, most likely you’ll see this in the next version or two. please stay tuned.

  37. David B says:

    Windows user.
    Seems to be no way to direct where stuff is stored.
    My C and D drives are full. I bought a 2nd 300GB drive but no way for me to say all video should be stored on e:\democracyvideo

    Am I missing something or is it missing something?

    I know I’m not the only one who has full drive problems. Keep bumping into them at Frys on Saturday.

  38. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    we’ll be putting in a feature so that you can designate where you want your videos to be saved to. that will come in the future after a stability release. thanks a lot.

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