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Linux Versions Are Out

April 27th, 2006 by Tiffiniy Cheng

We are officially cross-platform now! We have just released the Linux version of Democracy Player for all you serious and caring open source people who fight the fight and keep it strong. Get it at GetDemocracy.com. I’ve really liked using this version because it is very fast and because we have been looking forward to really going cross-platform.

Congratulations to Chris Lahey for jumping on PCF staff and making the Fedora Core 4 and 5 packages so quickly. And congratulations to Uwe Hermann for making the Debian and Ubuntu packages. Thanks Ben and Nick for the small things on this release.

Congratulations to everyone who helped us get this far, it’s great to see it finally out there. Please pass this message along to your Linux friends– we’d love to get more people using and testing and coding.

If you have a digg.com account, you can help spread the word by digging this story.

For those of you interested in filing bug reports, please go to the developer center.

43 Responses to “Linux Versions Are Out”

  1. tikal26 says:

    thanks for supporting Linux

  2. D says:

    How about posting the actual source code tarball (as a tar.gz) for those of us who don’t use the 4 Linux distributions you chose to target explicitly?

    Otherwise, congratulations and thanks for caring about Linux users.

  3. tikal26 says:

    ok so it worked on my laptop, but now that I want to install it on my desktop I have no luck I even forced it and it looked like it was installed and I even have it on my multimedia menu, but at starts it just hangs on forever. I am using ubuntu breezy 5.10 686
    I have no idea what might be wrong

  4. Nicolai says:

    I look forward to the day that programmers like you do not need to worry about supporting every single Linux distribution out there. It’s great that you’re supporting the movement and thank you for supporting Linux, but if you would also make a version for Suse it would be truly perfect. :)

  5. Lee Braiden says:

    Hi guys :)

    Thanks for this!! It’s really good to see Democracy Player making it to Linux.

    A few bugs though: it launches firefox when I hit subscribe for a channel, instead of adding it to the subscribed channel list. Second… why is it launching firefox at all? I’m running KDE, and my preferred browser is konqueror. To handle the KDE case easily, you can check for the KDE_FULL_SESSION variable, and if it’s present, run kfmclient with the name of the url as an argument. It’ll figure out which program to run for you.

    Finally… I’d like to support this project more, but I’m not convinced it’s truly about openness and democracy yet. Is the channel guide open — is it possible to download the list of currently known channels, and will it be possible to publish alternative channel guides on other sites?

  6. debian user says:

    debian version depends on libboost-python1.33.0, which is not available on debian, but is available on ubuntu, so it might be maybe a good idea to provide appropriate version of this library on your site too, or recompile your build to support true debian system. (check ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/b/boost/ ). I got player working on debian after getting required library from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/boost/

  7. Nicholas Reville says:

    Lee- which channels are you clicking that make Firefox launch? Is this in the Channel Guide?

  8. Nicholas Reville says:

    Lee- it will be possible to publish alternate channel guides. There is an API on our development center that explains how to do this and eventually it will be easier for end users to switch what their guide is set to. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to download the full list of channel from the guide, but that’s something I can look into.

  9. Meurglys says:

    Oh wow! Finally! Thanks! *boots back to Linux*

  10. Limulus says:

    I just modified the Linux instructions as Dapper users can just grab the Breezy version of libboost-python1.33.0 from packages.ubuntu.com

    After I did that though it wanted to install the mozilla suite. Why? Mozilla no longer supports it and Ubuntu uses Firefox by default. If you need an embedded browser, use that.

    I strongly suggest that the developers switch focus to Dapper as its due out in about a month and will be supported for 3 years on the desktop.

  11. Limulus says:

    OK, so I bit the bullet and installed the mozilla suite; I have to say I think ‘Democracy’ is really neat :) Its probably too late to get this into the dapper repositories, but I can certainly see this in edgy…

  12. jobezone says:

    Perhaps it a backport of it could be done for Dapper, since I’ve read a bugreport (a ticket) for democracy player, where a Debian developer says he wants to put it into debian (unstable).

  13. michael says:

    anyone problems with kubuntu breezy, too?

    File “/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/democracy/platformcfg.py”, line 4, in ?
    import gconf

  14. rottie says:

    Great initiative.
    Unfortunatly I’m also on SuSE for which there is no rpm.
    I tried the source code but I have no luck with the magic configure, make, make all combination.

    Anybody who knows how to get it compiled?

  15. michael says:

    on kubuntu breezy i needed to install “python-gnome2-dev” to get it work. now it works. thanks the platform independent player!

  16. Clement says:

    I am runnung Kubuntu Breezy and had the same problem as michael did – after installing the Ubuntu deb package and fixing all the dependency issues, Democracy Player crashed on start up. Installing ‘python-gnome2-dev’ fixed the problem for me too.

  17. Louis says:

    Thank you for supporting Linux!!

  18. claude says:

    Great news

    I submit this news on BlogMemes too so you can promote it there.
    Hope it’ll help you


  19. tiffiniy says:

    thanks everyone for all the great help. thanks to claude too. just wanted to let you all know that a gentoo package may be on the way. it is already partly built, details are being finalized. you can join the development discussion list by going here:


  20. E@zyVG says:

    It’s good to see a Linux port.

    But, please do provide SUSE rpms, as SUSE is famous and widespread distro. I tried compiling, but with little success.

    Hope to see SUSE rpm soon on the site.


  21. Dan says:

    I would want to agree with the last comment. If I had any experience I would try to help, but what can I say… So, since I can’t do it it’s not really fair to ask for it, but a SUSE package would be lovely.

  22. Rob says:

    I’m very happy to see that you support Linux! Please consider a Linux-Standard-Base install instead to build packages for all distros! Like Firefox you could optate for user installation instead of system. There are so many distros outhere that it is almost impossible to include all. I’m on SuSE (2nd placed in the distrowatch graduatory) which is currently not supported!
    :( :( :( : ( :( :( :( :(

  23. SuSE for teh win says:

    Yeah, we need Suse rpms

  24. JaroCooke says:

    Hate to make this start to sound like a broken record playing, but I also have had terrible troubles without an rpm package out there for SUSE. Unfortunately I don’t have the knowledge to creat an rpm biuld, but if I did then I would share it. Doesn’t anyone know where an rpm can be found?

  25. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    We’re gettting a lot of requests for this, so I will put up a blog post and see if we can’t find someone to make an rpm for SUSE. Thanks a lot.

  26. ser1alsn1per says:

    yeah mofos wheres the suse rmps

  27. Qoo says:

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  28. Dee says:

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  40. Thanks for given this post. I ll get Democracy Player player soon.

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