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May 1st and immigrants’ rights events on internet TV

April 28th, 2006 by David Moore

The social-issue media group MediaRights is using Democracy for a very cool project — it’s a perfect example of how open internet TV works as local, community media. MediaRights created an open-submissions channel for anyone to submit video of the recent actions around immigrants’ rights — such as the gigantic March 25th event in Los Angeles, where upwards of half a million people gathered to peacefully protest Congressional bill HR 4437.

May 1st will see more actions around the country supporting immigrants’ rights — if you’re planning on attending an event, and if you document some of the rallies on video, head on over to www.mediarights.org/may1 and include a link to your video in the channel. And if you have any video footage of previous rallies from March 25 or April 10th, or other relevant videos, you’re encouraged to post a link to that as well. Spread the word to anyone who’s taking part in immigrants’ rights actions, the channel is open to everyone.

Of course the best way to watch these actions from around the country is to subscribe to MediaRights’ open channel in Democracy player — here’s the feed — and you’ll see the latest videos as they’re added. You can also keep your eye on the web gallery of videos over at the MediaRights’ Broadcast Machine page as people submit videos over the coming week. Another place to find videos about immigration issues is the Videobomb page of “noborders”. This is an exciting use of Democracy internet TV: creating a national overview of local May 1st actions, the way that only decentralized, independent community media can capture it.

3 Responses to “May 1st and immigrants’ rights events on internet TV”

  1. helb says:

    Will it be in Gentoo Portage?

  2. rolandog says:

    Charlene Smythe speaks the truth:

  3. rolandog says:

    Ha! … so accustomed to write references that I forgot to write “< >” as “&lt; &gt;”.

    Here’s the video from mediarights I was talking about: < http://www2.mediarights.org/bm/detail.php?c=4&i=ec5b45f289044d71331a2cd22e290b89f01972c8 >

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