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French boy on the way

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Luc Heinrich, our Parisian developer, wore his Democracy tshirt to his wife’s ultrasound today and found out they will be having a boy. This new tadpole (as Luc likes to call them) is due at the end of August… congratulations, Luc.

A version for your friends and family

Monday, April 10th, 2006

We’re wicked pumped to announce the newest version of Democracy Player today! It is faster, more responsive, easy-to-use, stable, and looks well-organized, intuitive, obvious, and cleaner. We have been aggressively testing this new version for the past week, worked out a bunch of bugs, and now find Democracy Player at a point that is undeniably satisfying.

You can download a version that’s ready to go for non-techies and techies alike, here: Get Democracy

We think you really will like the latest version. And we’re sure that this is the version that you can tell your friends and family about. Democracy Player downloads to your computer and starts downloading videos for you to watch without any hassles. People who have never heard of internet TV can now see for themselves what the promise of internet TV really is. This version, because it is stable and ready to roll, can show any newbie what internet TV really does for them.

What internet TV looks like: democracy 082 screenshotDemocracy Player 0.8.2

The Channel Guide also boasts over 400 channels and there are hosts of webpages of video that deserve to be watched on your internet TV. One of my favorite channels/webpages to watch in Democracy Player is the Ubu channel — it has archived art and non-art videos collected by really dedicated people. To watch webpages in your Democracy Player, click on the “Add Channel” button and paste in the webpage’s url — Democracy Player will do all the work of finding and grabbing videos and update you whenever there is a new video posted to the site. If you’ve never watched videos on your own internet TV before, you might enjoy full screen, automatic video delivery of your favorite videos from the web.

Now that we have a version that we think is good for everyone, including your friends and family, PCF development is going to go into a monthly release cycle. We have learned a lot from other companies and from our experience and we’re going to try releasing a new version every month. With most of the bugs worked out in this release, we’re ready to start adding new features for next month’s release. I’ll have more details about them as we go.

So, all in all, thanks to everyone who has helped out on testing and helped out on the development list. And great job to our development team. You make internet TV awesome!

If you are interested in helping to test the weekly or monthly build that comes out every Friday, please, please join our testing team. Testing is an esssential part of making internet TV work, so consider it and join us here.

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