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Big Update to Broadcast Machine

May 18th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Colin has just posted a major update to Broadcast Machine, with lots of bug fixes, UI improvements, and most notably, two beautiful new themes by Matt Brett. Take a look and upgrade your install: Broadcast Machine homepage.

And let us know if you have any problems… feedback(at)pculture.org

7 Responses to “Big Update to Broadcast Machine”

  1. Rafi says:


    A new verison of BM don’t show thumbnails of the video on individual video page. Thumbnails are only shown on Channel page.

    Best regards,

  2. Lars says:


    I think you have linked to the wrong zip-file. Bm.zip (http://www.getmiro.com/broadcast/bm.zip) doesn’t contain the themes folder. Or maybe I am to stupid to find the folder.

    sorry, my english isn`t very well.


  3. Rafi says:

    Hello Lars,

    You are wrong ! There is themes folder with 3 themes (black,classic,white). Look again inside zip file. ;)


  4. E-Rock says:

    I had to re-download to get the themes folder.

  5. Does anyone know if this is an error on my side, or a software bug?

    ‘Server Error, unable to connect to fastcgi server.’

  6. colin says:

    will, that sounds like a server error, especially if it’s intermittent or goes away.

  7. will says:

    yes, it’s my server problem…got it working now. thank you.

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