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Democracy on the BBC and CBC

May 30th, 2006 by David Moore

The Democracy platform has received some nice coverage recently in shows by the BBC and CBC about the rise of internet video. Here are the links where you can watch the segments online.

The BBC’s piece is from their programme “Click,” and it’s called “The viral video online revolution” — here’s the accompanying article, and to launch the video just click the link in the right-hand sidebar that says “Watch Online” (the ‘Beeb’ requires Windows Media or Real Player). Coverage of user-created online video begins around minute 13 of the piece, and coverage of the Democracy platform begins around minute 14:45, showing some footage from the open-submissions documentary project by MediaRights around immigrants’ rights that used the Democracy platform.

The CBC’s piece is from their program “The End” and it’s called “The End of TV” — here’s the accompanying article, and here’s the page with the video, just click on the video camera next to the program title at the bottom of the page (the ‘Ceeb’ requires QuickTime or Windows Media). Coverage of Democracy begins around minute 13, or a bit past the midpoint of the progress bar. Lots of interesting interviews in this piece…thoughts from Amanda Congdon, J.D. Lasica, Cory Doctorow, and others.

Speaking of the explosive growth of online video, here’s a quick case study: Rocketboom’s daily (!) viewership spiked from 50,000 in September 2005 to 100,000 in December 2005 to 200,000 by January 2006 to 250,000 by April 2006 — which still isn’t counting total downloads of a given episode, which top 300,000 and often go over a million. Wow.

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