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Democracy Player 0.8.3 testing version

May 9th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

We’re getting closer to releasing Democracy Player 0.8.3. If you’re interested, we’d love help testing out our latest testing version. Here are the links:

Windows 0.8.3 testing

Mac 0.8.3 testing

Linux tarball 0.8.3 testing

To file a bug report, start here.

If you want to be a super-tester, read this.

warning – this a prerelease version and it has bugs. It’s possible that you could lose your list of subscribed channels.

5 Responses to “Democracy Player 0.8.3 testing version”

  1. E-Rock says:

    That you could lose your list of subscribed channels says to me that maybe a nice feature to include would be “export channels” so that you can have a list in case Democracy ever goes down. This would be right behind “change Bittorrent port” in my list of must-have features. You guys are getting close, though. It’s still a much more enjoyable experience on the Mac, but I’m doing my best to use it on my PC too.

  2. Chris Peden says:

    How about a EASY way to tell it where to store downloaded files, this is a no brainer yet its nowhere to be found.

  3. Neil Young says:

    Does the Linux version have a way to change the playback engine from Xine or use Mozilla plugins like Konqueror (tries to) do?

    Ideally I’d like it to use Mplayer within its own window. The Windows version is slightly more reliable (as VLC can handle the getting to be ubiquitous H264 format)

    As for the list of subsribed channels, I suppose another idea woud be one of two things, either to export the list (as suggested above) or to somehow host the channel list remotely either by yourselves or through syncing with a third party (such as My Yahoo or Pluck)

    I’d find that useful as I currently have one PC, but two lists of channels, one in Windows, the other in Linux.

    Chris, I don’t know what version you’re using and I can’t comment for the Mac, but in Windows the files are stored in:-

    \My Videos\Democracy

    And in Linux (or at least in Kubuntu Breezy) they’re in:-


    Trouble is, they’re all in one folder and come with the names the publisher gave them, which makes sense to the publisher but might seem utterly cryptic to you, if they gave each channel its own subholder, that would help.

  4. Neil Young says:

    Those paths again

    (My Documents)\My Videos\Democracy

    (Home Folder)/Movies/Democracy

  5. Nicholas Reville says:

    Hi guys, in the next couple releases we’re going to make it easy to move your download directory and we’ll start storing movies sorted by channel. We will also be adding OPML support soon for import and export of subscriptions.

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