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Video Bomb updates

May 10th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville
video bomb explosion

We’ve just pushed live some nice updates to Video Bomb. Most of the changes are design and interface, but there’s also bug fixes and some new functionality. We have a new bomb animation from Michael Bell-Smith which looks great and makes bombing videos feel very satisfying.

video bomb explosion

The design of the individual videos pages has been refined, including this bright new email button. We’re also showing more videos in the sidebar so that you’ll always have interesting stuff at your fingertips.

video bomb explosion

But the biggest new feature is a user rankings page called Top Bombers, which gives you a bunch of stats about the most prolific people on Video Bomb. That should get some competitive juices flowing.

Another feature that we added recently gives each user 2 separate video feeds: one feed is for everything you’ve bombed, the other feed is just for the videos that you’ve submitted. That way you have a channel of the content that you’re publishing and you also have a channel of everything you like.

See what’s new (and try the new bombimation): Video Bomb.

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