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Looking For a Few Good Moderators…

June 27th, 2006 by Dean Jansen

We need a couple of sharp volunteers to help moderate the Channel Guide. Currently, we have lots of great channels waiting to be released, but not enough eyeballs to verify and publish the feeds.

We’re looking for dependable folks who have a few spare hours they can commit each week to helping us cultivate an open and accessible media ecosystem. Being web savvy is a big plus! For those who think they can hack it, please send us a message at: Channels |at| PCulture.org and include a brief explanation of why you would make a great channel mod.

3 Responses to “Looking For a Few Good Moderators…”

  1. Robert Middleswarth says:

    I am a linux admin for a mid-size company maintaining servers and think very logical and straightforward. My written skills aren’t great but am pretty good at figuring out and following guidelines.

    Robert Middleswarth

  2. Paul Hanley says:

    Love to.
    I am a high school teacher(36 years) with the summer to do “creative” things and even during the school year, perhaps a few hours a week can be devoted to this adventure.
    All the best,
    paul j. hanley

  3. Hi

    I would be up for doing some moderation as am spending lots of time looking through the channals for content for our channals so it will be a bit of a “bus mans” hollady (;

    you can check up on what we are upto here



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