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An Open Fire Hydrant

July 4th, 2006 by Dean Jansen

Two nights ago, some kids cranked open a fire hydrant into the streets of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. It was awesome — I watched three buses, a multitude of cars, some SUVs, and even a girl on a bicycle get severely blasted by the massive rush of water. Reason I’m telling you is because I attended Vloggercon last month, and got inspired to start a vlog (aka video blog). I got some sweet hydrant footage, and figured I’d use it as an example to show everyone what a cinch it is to publish a video blog!

I chose blip.tv as my host — they are free, easy to use, instantly create a channel that looks great in Democracy Player, and are keen on keeping internet video standards wide open (i.e. they aren’t trying to control how people watch video on the internet).

Create your video blog in 4 steps or less:
1.) Shoot something cool (I used my Canon digital still camera)
2.) Get the footage onto your computer (editing is nice, but optional)
3.) Upload to blip.tv (creating an account and uploading is fast and easy)
4.) Make it available in Democracy (just submit your blip feed to our Channel Guide)

Blip gives you a ton of different ways to share. I’ll leave you with my blip video blog feed, which looks pretty sweet in Democracy: http://deaner.blip.tv/posts/?skin=rss

Check it out and then start your own video blog!

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