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Bounty for compiling Democracy Player on Windows with GNU tools

July 13th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Participatory Culture Foundation is offering $500 to anyone who can get Democracy Player for Windows to compile using the GNU tools.

Democracy Player is based on Python and uses many Python extensions. Python extensions generally need to be compiled with the same compiler as Python. The official version of Python is compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2003. This isn’t likely to change. At one point, Microsoft was offering a no-cost command-line only version of this compiler called the “Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit.” This was hard to set up and use, but it at least gave volunteers a way to compile the program. However, since Visual Studio 2005 came out Visual Studio 2003 products are no longer available for retail sale and the toolkit compiler has been replaced by Visual C++ Express Edition 2005. It is illegal for us to distribute the VC++2003 toolkit. So, we’re forced to second hand copies of Visual C++ 2003 each time a new developer wants to work on Democracy for Windows.

We want to avoid these kinds of entanglements in the future, so we’re offering $500 to anyone who can come up with a clear, simple set of instructions to build Democracy for Windows using the GNU tools.

Learn more about the bounty >>

4 Responses to “Bounty for compiling Democracy Player on Windows with GNU tools”

  1. It just so happens that about a month ago I overcame one of the key challenges that are needed to build Democracy using only open source solutions while working on a project completely unrelated to Democracy! Specifically, that challenge is using the GNU linker from the MSYS environment to link to the Python for Windows libraries included in the Python Windows installer, and produce a Windows-native executable.

    I began working Sunday, yesterday I wasted a lot of time accidentally checking out your entire Subversion repository. With that time in mind, I should have a simple document explaining the process available tomorrow or Thursday night.

    I only just noticed that you said if a person is more forthcoming about their efforts that you’ll prefer to accept their solution. So, here I am, coming forth.

    I also have a question about automation. I would like to put together perhaps an installer to simply download, install, and configure the necessary programs. However I’d rather not try to compete for the bounty pay-out that way. Rather, once the bounty has been won, I would like to supplement my instructions with a simple installer to help expedite the tedious process of getting started.

    I hope to hear from you soon… actually I hope this is an appropriate venue for contact. The page that suggested I make contact is listed below. That page didn’t really make it very clear who is appropriate to contact, or how to do so.


    Thanks for the Democracy Player!

  2. Greg Opperman says:


    I’m going to let Nick Nassar know about your comment. Thanks!


  3. Nick says:

    Awesome! Please, post to demotv-devel@lists.sourceforge.net instead of the blog, so that all of the developers will see it.



  4. eas says:

    I wonder if the OSAF Chandler project (http://www.osafoundation.org/) has had similar issues. They too are working in Python and have a windows target, and I know they are using at least a few C extensions to python.

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