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Testing, Testing

July 7th, 2006 by admin

Democracy 0.8.5 is almost here, and we need a little help getting it out the door. Before every big release, we make what’s called a release candidate, which is basically a testing version to make sure that the release goes smoothly. We need to thoroughly test each release candidate to make sure there are no major bugs. Although we do as much as we can, most of our testing is volunteer-based. If you’d like to test-drive the latest and greatest version of Democracy, you can check it out on this page:


If you want to test, see this page: Testing Democracy

Even if you’re not interested in testing, there are a bunch of great reasons to hop on the 0.8.5 bandwagon early. We’re proud to have our first Intel Mac binary, a feature that many OSX users have clamoured for. The new binary boasts amazing speed and stability as opposed to installing the Power PC Binary with an Intel machine.

On top of that, we’ve made great improvements to Democracy across all platforms. We’ve ironed out many of the bugs from already, and have bumped up the overall performance of the program. This is the last big release before 0.9.0, where we’ll be adding loads of new features, so we’re making sure we get this one right. You can help us out by giving it a try. Once again, check it out at:


If you come across any bugs, please let us know.

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