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Website redesigned

July 12th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Just moments ago we pushed live a new design for GetDemocracy.com. The design was created by Josh Pigford who’s been doing a bunch of design projects for us, including some UI bits in Democracy Player that you might notice when we release 0.8.5 (it’s been a little bit delayed by bugs, but won’t be long now).

Anyway, we’re glad to get this new design up– it feels much more solid and clear. Check it out: Get Democracy.

(p.s. Let us know if you see any broken links or other problems…)

4 Responses to “Website redesigned”

  1. I am in the business plan stage for a niche consumer video portal. I am looking for developers with the technology to create the front and back end. I am not a programmer. Do you know of anyone who may be able to help?



  2. josh says:

    Link bug:

    When I click on “forums”, the top navigation stays the same, but the links no longer work. They go to, for instance, forum.getmiro.com/donate, which does not exist.

  3. Greg Opperman says:

    Developer Help Needed: Our lovely website was designed by Josh of SabotageMedia. You can contact him through sabotagemedia.com and see if maybe he’d like to do it.

    Josh: That was a good catch. The links have been changed to absolute urls. Thanks.

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