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In the Making: Tutorials for Online Video

August 17th, 2006 by Dean Jansen

Publishing video on the internet is no simple task. That’s why we’re creating an insanely comprehensive set of tutorials that will cover every step of online video creation and publishing. Best of all, we’re releasing this project under a Creative Commons license, so everything will be freely available for people to learn from, re-mix, and extend.

No matter if you’re using a Windows or Apple machine, we’ll walk you through every step: from picking the right equipment, to shooting, to editing, to compressing, to uploading, to publishing and finally licensing. Each thread of the guide will include screenshots, photos, videos, text and screencasts in an intuitive step-by-step format.

This project is made possible, by a generous grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, an organization that aggressively fosters citizen journalism in all forms.

8 Responses to “In the Making: Tutorials for Online Video”

  1. Hello there!

    I’M quite interested in that project. Please keep me up to date!
    My Profession is Film & Video Editor, please do not hesitate to ask me, i might be able to help!


  2. tomwsmf says:

    Windows OR Apple? Hello, McFly…….Linux, you know the FREE OPEN SOURCE OPERATING SYSTEM…ya know the one OS that fosters the idea that giving and allowing to tinker is better than locking up code in EULA laiden bonds.

    DemocracyTV, I think, shares some of that ideology as Linux, so why dont you support those OS’s that are out there slugging away for freedoms as well?


  3. Dean Jansen says:

    I’ll send you an e.mail.

    Yes, I’m very familiar with the GNU/Linux OS. In fact, I ran Slackware, and later Ubuntu, as my primary OS on both my laptop and desktop for approximately 3 years.

    In my opinion, video editing in GNU/Linux is so underdeveloped and inconsistent, across the various distros, that it would be nearly impossible to write a comprehensive tutorial on the subject (and we’re shooting for step-by-step with these tutorials). Given how thinly we would spread our resources, even if we covered only the major GNU/Linux distros, we decided to concentrate our efforts on Windows and OSX.

    That said, we do plan on having a wiki that will be tightly linked with the tutorials. We will encourage people to document their experiences with uploading, editing and compressing video on every flavor of GNU/Linux.

    Finally, these tutorials will be released under a Creative Commons license, so any person or organization is welcome to create a new version of the tutorials that includes a GNU/Linux component.

  4. Tanja says:

    I’m interested too, I do video production from editing to shooting. I’d love to help out.

  5. Blake says:

    I’ve been studying film and video on my own for the past few years and been creating small projects and using what I have and can find for those projects, I could offer some help is almost any area. I can’t do explicitly detailed tutorials in every area, but I can cover important ground in a lot of situations I would think. Anyways, give me a shout if you need me for anything!

  6. Dean,

    I invite you to find out more about the following resources and if you need any help in doing the “right thing”, let me know ;)

    Elephants Dream – the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license.

    Cinelerra – a non-linear video editor and compositor for Linux.

    How to create video content, from DV-camera shooting to encoding the result to Ogg Theora, an open, free video format.

    Best regards,

    Fabian Rodriguez
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  7. Dean Jansen says:


    Thanks for the links! I hadn’t seen Elephants Dream, but it is pretty impressive (open software or no).

    I will definitely need help creating Linux tutorials in the wiki portion of the tutorial. It sounds like you have experience, and that you might even be able to pitch in a bit?

    To reiterate, we currently do not have the necessary resources to do a comprehensive set of Linux tutorials. However, that doesn’t mean the we won’t encourage people to consider using Linux, and we will definitely link readers to pertinent wiki pages.

    If our tutorials are a smash hit (like I hope they will be), we might be able to get the funding to add a comprehensive Linux section. Actually having a wiki full of Linux how-tos, that people are putting to use, will make this a far more likely prospect.

    So I suppose this is a pre-call-to-arms for all Linux video enthusiasts. We don’t have the wiki up yet, but once we do, I’ll make sure to sound the horn.


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