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Bounty for Universal Binary

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

We are offering a $500 bounty for a Universal Binary of Democracy Player for OSX. Right now, we have separate PPC and Intel version, but it would be more convenient if they were unified. Because Democracy is written in Python, this is more tricky than usual. This bounty has been taken.

Enter your videos in the Wikimania Awards

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Participatory Culture Foundation is co-sponsoring the Wikimania Free Content Awards, part of the Wikimania Conference happening this weekend at the Berkman Center in Boston.

Here’s a description of the contest:

“The Wikimania Awards are a free content writing and media contest that takes place at Wikimania. The contest is for the best video, audio, image, and textual content created for use on Wikimedia projects over the past year. Any content that was created after August 8, 2005 is eligible for entry in the contest. A special category is set aside for content created on the way to, or at, Wikimania 2006. Submitted content must be free content, and in use, or usable, on at least one content page on a Wikimedia project.”

“A Wikimania film screening Friday night will also showcase some longer free-content video shorts, some of which have been turned into full documentaries.”

Enter the Contest!

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