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Rocketboom HD

August 8th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Our friends at Rocketboom and MoveDigital have teamed up to offer a high-definition version of Rocketboom. It looks *amazing* and it’s a great example of what Democracy Player can do. If you watch Rocketboom every day, why watch it on the website, where the quality is low and you have to wait for it to load? Instead, subscribe to the HD version and let Democracy download it while you’re sleeping.

Even if you don’t watch Rocketboom, you should take a look at what HD Internet TV can look like:

Democracy: Internet TV

Update: Rocketboom has added a Democracy 1-Click subscribe link to their site, pointing to the HD channel. Take a look, it’s linked to the word ‘democracy’: Rocketboom.com.

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