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August 16th, 2006 by Tiffiniy Cheng

Open Source Help Needed: We’ve gotten some requests for SUSE packages of Democracy Player. Anyone out there have an rpm or time to make one? Email nick at pculture.org

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  1. mailist says:

    yes, a suse package if someone could make it :)

  2. suse package needed! says:


  3. mammitu says:

    Please post a suse rpm so that we can enjoy it without pulling out our hair :)

  4. Davros says:

    My apologies if this does not help and I am just getting hopes up, but just in case I thought I would bring up an effort called Autopackage.

    Autopackage is a distrubution independent easy Linux software installation system.

    If my understanding is correct, and it may not be, anyone with the knowledge of how to create RPMs, Deb packages, etc for specific distrubutions can read the manuals on the Autopackage website and then be able to create an autopackage binary installer.

    Perhaps whomever did the Linux installers for Democracy Player that already exist could visit the Autopackage website and see what is possible. I may be off the mark, but this does have the potential to allow the person who already creates the Linux installations to create one file and not have to worry about different distros at all.

    Autopackage Web Site:

    Autopackage Quickstart Guide:
    (This guide gives an overview of what must be done to your software to prepare it for becoming an Autopackage. Perhaps those in the technical know can use it to quickly assess the appropriateness of Autopackage for Democracy Player.)

  5. Tiffiniy Cheng says:

    this is a great idea and i think a good one to propose to the developer’s list. seems like you could be helpful there — you can learn about joining the list here:


  6. Davros says:

    Thank you for the ecnouragement, Tiffiniy. I think joining the mailing list would be a bit much for just the one suggestion. A suggestion I do not know how to really contribute to and that I do not know if it can even help. However, due to your encouragement, I went to that web page, found contact info hyperlinked from that page and email my suggestion to the person identified as the Linux guy (Chris Lahey).

    I am perfectly willing to help and even put in effort to do so, but in this area I am not qualified to do anything. New to Linux, I have no idea how any of these packages are made. Hopefully my email can set Chris on a path that he and other Democracy Player developers will consider helpfull.

  7. Esme says:

    I’ve just tried to insall the Fedora RPMs on SLED 10, as I used to find that Fedora RPMs would quite often work on openSuse

    Fedora 5 causes zen-insaller to grumble about no installable sources of dbus-python. I do have dbus-1-python installed, but can find nothing that’s just dbus-python to install.

    Fedora 4 causes a different grumble – it wants python-abi, and i can’t find any source of that, either.

    Hope that helps… I wish I knew how to make RPMs, but I havent got that far in my studies yet!

  8. Esme says:

    Just tried the Windows version running via Cedga. Installs OK, although the licence text doesn’t show up for some reason. However, when I try to run it, it encounters a fatal error trying to load unicows.dll. Having downloaded that andtried puttingit with the othr DLLs, still no luck -yet.

  9. Matt Jones says:

    I really want this but its beyond my ability i’m afraid.

    However I’m prepared to put up a bounty of 3 FREE DVDs off Amazon to anyone that comes up with RPMs of Democracy and its dependencies for SLED10

  10. siege2050 says:

    Suse 10.1 does not have gtkmozembed included with python gnome extras, so if you try to compile democracy you will get complaints about missing gtkmozembed. I have rebuild the python gnome extras package against xulrunner because firefox does not have the proper files needed and mozilla is not included in suse 10.1. I tried it this way to avoid a major overhaul of my system. I have build an rpm that installs and the program does run but the channel list is empty on startup. I dont know if this is because I built gnome python extras against xulrunner instead of mozilla or something else. Anyway I hope this helps for any of you trying to build a Democracy player rpm in suse

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