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Channel Guide in High-Gear

September 1st, 2006 by Dean Jansen

Until recently, there was a backlog of unpublished feeds in the Channel Guide. This queue has been cut down to zero, thanks to our volunteer moderators, who jumped in, tested, and posted every working feed. Now is the time for all you video producers, who don’t have channels in the Guide, to submit your feeds!

Also, there is an important volunteer position we’d like to fill. We’re looking for a few Channel Hunters, who will specialize in finding the best video feeds that we don’t yet have in the Guide. If you have basic photo editing skills (crop, resize, etc.), want Democracy to kick a little more ass, and can contribute two to three hours per week, you might be just the person for the job. If you’re interested, please contact: channels ~at~ pculture.org

Finally, we really need to thank our volunteer moderators: Chadd, Paul, Robbt, Hammish, Yul and Robert. Thank You!

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