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Mike responds.

September 18th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Mike Hudack at Blip.tv has posted a perfect response to my essay about RSS and openness. It’s great to see that we agree about the importance of video hosting services staying open and encouraging the spread of their content:

“by being open — by offering direct access to file formats like Quicktime and FLV, by following Internet standards like RSS and Atom, by offering dozens of tools designed to speed and improve integration with other pieces of software — we gain immediate benefit from all of that innovation.”

Mike also writes that I’ve managed to convince him to feature RSS feeds more prominently on Blip.tv. I definitely recommend reading the full text of his reply, there’s a lot of very well thought out and well written points in there, coming from a true expert.

(A side note: at one point, Mike writes, “I ask only one thing of you, Nicholas: can we steal some of your excellent writing for the purpose?” the answer to Mike and everyone else is absolutely yes. I just made a button on the Creative Commons site that declares it public domain– I’ll put that below the essay.)

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