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No Sheep today

September 15th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

OK, I screwed up: what I thought we could have ready for today, isn’t ready. The sad part is it wasn’t even a very big project. So… Sheeps Week will have to go out with a real wimper. Nevertheless– I’m psyched about what we released this week and I think we’re moving ahead really well. We have gotten wonderful feedback about the 0.9 release, and we are pleased that people are enjoying it. Here’s a positive note to end on, a blog post I just stumbled across a couple minutes ago:

a.bunchof.us: Democracy Player
“After half an hour and a dozen videos, I’m in love. I’ve already caught up with my zefrank watching, and have found some new channels from which to download videos. I’ve also subscribed to several YouTube feeds (including Libraryman’s stream!), and am scouring the web for more. This is seriously going to change my video watching habits. With every passing day broadcast television becomes less relevant.”

I’ll have more news soon, including some details about what’s to come in the next version of Democracy Player.

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