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The Future of Video Online: Openness Matters. RSS Can Help.

September 14th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

I’ve just posted a new essay. It’s about why video RSS is so important to the future of online video. I first started writing it as an email to Blip.TV, to try to convince them to feature RSS feeds more prominently on their website. As I was writing, I decided that there were a lot more people that I wanted to make this case to, so I decided to publish it as an essay. I hope you’ll take a look. Online Video: Openness Matters. RSS Can Help.

3 Responses to “The Future of Video Online: Openness Matters. RSS Can Help.”

  1. mark says:

    And please don’t use stupid file formats like FLASH. I removed the videobomb feed cause of that! Flash is OK if you use it to show a video on your site. But it really sucks on a RSS feed!!!

  2. Nicholas Reville says:

    Hi mark, I agree that flash is good for web, but bad for feeds. The reason a lot of flash shows up in videobomb is people people are submitting links to videos from services that only offer flash versions… hopefully that will change eventually.

  3. Thanks for this editorial, Nicholas. I found it really insightful.

    A few disorganized thoughts…

    Video RSS has two big hurdles:

    1) Uploading/serving. If you could click and publish in Democracy, well, that’d be killer. Considering what it does, Broadcast Machine is amazing, but to most people it’s baffling.

    2) It’s application dependent. To most users, YouTube seems like the same thing and they can use that right now.

    Personally, I’d much prefer to have my stuff on TV than in a tiny window on someone’s desktop, so Apple’s iTV is really compelling. Here’s hoping you’ve got an eye in that direction. :)

    With lots of respect,
    Kirby Ferguson

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