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Democracy Player 0.9.1 Released!

October 19th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

We have just released a major update to Democracy Player. Download it here:
Democracy Player 0.9.1

This version has lots of new features and improvements. A quick list is below– for more details read these three blog posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Big Things

1. The interface is faster and more responsive.

2. Save any search as a ‘Search Channel’ and Auto Download new results:
Picture 24.png

3. Flash playback on Mac and Windows (new to Mac).

4. Import videos on startup on Mac and Windows (new to Windows).

5. A simpler, better channel view.

Little Things

6. Green circles become play buttons on hover:

7. Web page permalink shown on each video.

8. A new preference to play one video, then stop.

9. A new preference to change torrent ports.

10. Right-click to mark as unwatched.

11. Right-click to add to a new playlist.

12. Rename a channel.

13. Better channel settings page.

14. Bug fixes!

18 Responses to “Democracy Player 0.9.1 Released!”

  1. mark says:

    No ubuntu packages :(

  2. Steven says:

    Pretty good work guys. Keep it up. :)

  3. michael says:

    great work guys… support for ogg theora has improved via VLC. So now for the shameless plug: metavid.org custom searches now work as channels in democracy player!
    Maybe democracy player can help democratize the representation of our representatives…Media citizens now have democratic access to the material used to construct representations of our representatives. Making video documents of our government freely reusable and accessible opens up and decentralizes the production of meaning. This hopes to bring participatory culture to the mediation of our representatives.
    More info at: http://metavid.ucsc.edu/blog/

  4. The Ubuntu packages are still

  5. Nicholas Reville says:

    Ubuntu and Debian are coming soon…

  6. Juani says:

    Great work! But I’m still waiting to order my videos in reverse order, because I want to see the shows in cronological order (old ones first!).

  7. Jonathan says:

    Still waiting for a low-memory-footprint audio-only podcast option. Until then, guess I’ll keep making do with Juice, moribund though it seems to be.

  8. eh_tony says:

    Hopefully the ubuntu version will come out soon … im going through revision3 withdrawl and im too lazy for manual downloads…

  9. Jed says:

    Hello, it would be nice to have a feature that tells the length of each movie, not just the size in megabytes. Also duplicate detection would be nice. Extra credit for removing the poorer-quality of two videos that are the same.

    Also if you don’t plan to add format conversion as a feature, can you at least point us to good freeware for this?

    But please give us the basics first, like knowing how long a video is. I mean really. Thanks for the great player though!

  10. Jed says:

    One more feature wish — it should be easier (or possible?) to find out what channel a video came from in the UI, without having to depend on the title or content of the video. The title and content don’t always say. Sure, their bad, but it’s information the player should provide as well.

  11. Nicholas Reville says:

    Jed, thanks for the suggestions. In regards to your second comment, DP does show the channel name when you aren’t in that channel. Is that not appearing for you?


  12. jon says:

    does the new support for flash media mean democracy can handle live flash feeds?

  13. norm says:

    any firewall support (port 80 wrapper) yet or timeline?

  14. Mike says:

    Great work, people! I love the new release – it’s much, much quicker. I realized something today while watching clips one after another, I kept having to mess with the volume, one video would be very quiet, the next too loud. It would be great to add a sound-check filter for all videos.

  15. k says:


    First regarding the virus protection. After expiration of trials such applications remain resident.

    When you know a bug is evading your review- obviously ask what are they doing that’s different, or as you claim, unusual?

    Does there machine need to be connnected to the internet at the time?

    Are they doing what competitors evade occuring to there engines, subscribing to all 1080′s in a large archive say for a particular feed in rapid succession?

    Since those suffering the problem CAN do nothing other then have it occur EVERY TIME it is nota aproblem that is in fact difficult to replicate; what you are doing is not some high religous ritual… plenty of money is out here to cover the bill for you to submit the code to a doctor for diagnosis… or for how many cycles will this go on until you get to have the fun of killing it?

    It is one thing for IM to say “increasing upload speed speeds up downloads”. Quite another for YOU to ban leeching by not having seperate programs for downloading and uploading. Both could of course be integrated with a player.

    While the allinone is still in beta people should be able to feed many of your ‘channels’ from reliable programs. I really don’t understand what the contribution is supposed to be hear other then a channel guide and rapid subcribing interace.

    Nor do I appreciate the fact that a conceptual map is absent here as well. I’m having to delete ENTIRE copies of hour long ‘ihd’s’ because the are coincidentally just larger then almost all the recordable optical media and writers handle. ‘MOVING’ files isn’t the issue. Storing them is. We need distributed storage.

    In the old days having a beta program meant something. Now we expect if for free programs and encounter them still being “less then one” years after they are recommended. You do recommend as does DN your ‘beta’ player. What a scam that is…. as in we recommend you martyr yourself without knowing why or that you are.

    And while you search for bombs to turn into stars all the bandwidith our dreams rely upon is being dibbed out by double digit dollars per hour content all too gladly carried at even a loss for it’s opiate demassing of otherwise welcome customers.

    It may very well be that the cost of the bandwidth to download all these almost identical defective beta’s exceeds the cost of hiring a real talented coder to probably using an off the shelf tool (that might rent for your annual salaries per hour) replicate in function adhering to well established principles of modelessness etc. in just an ‘afternoon.– THAT IS it definately does when the wasted time, electricity, etc. of YOUR ‘customers’ is considered.

    PLease tell us how to export the channel list to a non beta program; thank you!

  16. SlugO says:

    Is Linux going to get the Flash playback and import videos on startup features any time soon?

    Not very good to leave certain platforms behind on functionality…

  17. Nicholas Reville says:

    SlugO– linux will be getting video import soon. Flash playback is a trickier beast, but we are trying to evaluate our options for this.

  18. Strypey says:

    Kia ora

    Jonathon says:
    >> Still waiting for a low-memory-footprint audio-only podcast option. Until then, guess I’ll keep making do with Juice, moribund though it seems to be.

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