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From Bombs to Stars

October 21st, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

We give up!

Too many people have told us too many times that they don’t like or don’t understand the ‘bombs’ on Video Bomb. Sometimes, you’ve got to throw in the towel. So we’ve just switched the bombs to stars. Check it out.

We’re still keeping the name Video Bomb (we think it’s a cool name) but hopefully we’ve eliminated all the confusion about whether clicking on a bomb was a good thing or a bad thing (for the record, it was a good thing). This was an especially serious problem within Democracy Player, where people avoided the bomb button like the plague, since they didn’t know whether it would delete the video or crash the computer. The 0.9.1 release shows a star instead of a bomb.

We’ve got this nice new animated star flipsplosion designed by Michael Bell-Smith. You’ll see it when you ‘star’ something. There’s a little flakiness in the timing of the flip and there’s still a bunch of places where we say ‘bomb’ instead of star, but we’re getting there.

The Stars are Out at Video Bomb

7 Responses to “From Bombs to Stars”

  1. mike says:

    Aww – I’m sorry you were forced to change it. For the record – I thought the ‘bomb’ was cool. But I suppose stars are more universally recognized as a good thing :)

  2. RyanO says:

    Yeah that’s too bad. I remember when a co-worker – who incidently left us to work with you at PC – told me about VideoBomb. I thought it was a great theme. However, I can understand the confusion if you were primarily a Democracy user… it appeared oddly out of context when I’d been so used to the site.

    Do you think the whole “VideoBomb” name with no mention of bombs in relation to video will receive the same confusion now? Would you consider changing to VideoStar? Just curious.

    Loved the bombs but the star looks great. Love the flip and explosion. There some love in that.

  3. same guy says:

    Oh the mutability of language – guess not everyone knows what it means to drop da bomb. But everyone wants to be a rock star…

    Just a note of thanks / kudos. Not really a Democracy user (my net connection don’t like video too much) but I’ve been keeping an eye on you. Will be back with a vengeance when I have the bandwidth (I am a stone cold terrorist)

    Rock on, Adhocracy Player. You’re the REAL rock stars.

  4. Wolfger says:

    Well now that I know what the bomb is, I like it. Bring it back! You just need some mouse-over text explaining things. (really, I thought mouseover text was a no-brainer for gui design…)

  5. MadlabEnt says:

    I don’t really think that it matter if there or boms or stars if I can’t even submit a video. Everytime I submit one, I get an error message or a message that asks if it’s a real video code because videobomb apparently can’t read it. Why would I upoad something that isn’t video?

    The submission form asks for the video url or the embed code. when i submit the url, I get a message telling me that it isn’t a real url, and when i submit the embed code, i get an error message. I am starting to think…..why should I even bother using videobomb? Maybe that is a discussion that I can have with a group of my video making friends and we can discuss it, since there seems to be no assistance from videobomb whatsoever.

  6. Nicholas Reville says:

    MadlabEnt– can you give me an example of what submissions are failing? We can definitely fix that. You can email it to me at nicholas|at|pculture.org

    Thanks and sorry for the problems!

  7. MadlabEnt says:

    it has been fixed. Thanks.

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