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Are Mac users better connected?

November 28th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Each time we release a new version of Democracy Player, there’s an interesting pattern of Mac and Windows downloads. Last month, we had about 17,000 mac downloads. In the same month, we had about 102,000 windows downloads. That indicates that we have a higher proportion of mac users than the general population, but still many more windows users. A higher proportion of mac users doesn’t surprise me– lots of us around here use macs, including myself, and we’ve made more of an effort than most cross-platform projects to create a great mac app. In addition, I think mac users are more likely to be early adopters of new types of software.

So we have higher proportion of mac users– no big deal. But here’s what I didn’t expect. While our overall ratio of Window to Mac users is about 6 to 1, Mac users are much much more likely to download the app in the first few days of the release. Since we released 0.9.2 about 20 hours ago, we’ve had 6,169 mac downloads and 7,556 windows downloads. In the first day of a release, we have almost as many mac downloads as windows downloads. And we see that with every release. After a few days the numbers will start tilting way over to the windows side.

To me, this suggests that Mac users are much more connected to Mac news than Windows users are to Windows news. When something happens– like a new version of an app– news spreads very quickly in the Mac community. I guess I would have expected Mac users to be somewhat more news-focused, but not quite to this degree.

Hello, team Mac!

14 Responses to “Are Mac users better connected?”

  1. dietrich says:

    And if you add Sparkle support (http://andymatuschak.org/pages/sparkle), us Mac-o-philes will update even faster!

    keep up the good work :)


  2. hibiscusroto says:

    I think it suggests that mac users have more free time than windows users.

  3. Chris Combs says:

    Easy, useful RSS reader (Safari) can’t hurt.

  4. Dean says:

    The phrase “mac culture” sounds like something I’ve heard before — “windows culture” doesn’t seem so familiar (and I don’t count “windows monoculture” as meaning the same thing). This is just a semi-empirical example of the mac brand attracting a specific type of community that windows totally doesn’t.

  5. Jonathan says:

    A few other possible reasons why:

    A proportion of Mac users of Democracy probably first heard of the app because they frequent either macupdate.com or versiontracker.com and if you are already a regular user of those sites you probably keep an eye on them every day (especially if you have e.g. the MUmenu item installed). Therefore you know of the release as soon as it is posted. Some will also subscribe to the alert services of these sites.

    Almost all Mac browsers have built-in RSS support and have done so for a very long time now. Therefore if you are a Mac user, you are more likely to use these features and subscribe to developers feeds for software you like.

    The kind of Mac users who know of and use Democracy are far more likely to keep in touch with Mac news (e.g. through the standards of mac media or through macsurfer.com) and frequent forums where news of updates to cool software is spread very quickly.

  6. Wymarshian says:

    Mac users appreciate quality products and support software that works. Windoze users are more likely to put up with crap, ’cause they’re used to it. If you are seeing solid Mac support, that means you are probably on the right track. It’s not like there aren’t good players already out there (VLC, for one, which plays .ogm files, unlike Democracy, so you still have some work, n’est pas).

    I would add that Mac users tend to stick together and let each other know when the earth moves (paraphrasing Dean “This is just a semi-empirical example of the mac brand attracting a specific type of community that windows totally doesn’t”). Ergo, when good things happen, we are more likely to tell our neighbor (like thinkers) because we understand that divided we fall. Work on that .ogm thing please.

  7. Jon Hicks says:

    “we’ve made more of an effort than most cross-platform projects to create a great mac app”

    Amen to that, and its really appreciated!

  8. mcsey says:

    “To me, this suggests that Mac users are much more connected to Mac news than Windows users are to Windows news.”

    Or it could suggest that there is much /less/ Mac news. (Says I from behind my Powerbook;)

  9. tomwsmf says:

    Many thumbs up for the work from .8x to .9x. Democracy Player has become a constant running app on my main media server, it grabs the goodies and my family gets to sit back and enjoy it all be it on the big screen or my palmLD.

    Mac? Windows? Are these some sort of new Debian distro? There are so many its hard to keep up with em. Hats off to you for deving for those who do not benefit from the Linus Luvin.

    (Yes, I await with painted smile the combined mac/windows (ie eula $laves (“Yes Master Steve/Bill I will pay you money and promise to be sued if I do not use the OS the ways you want me”)) trashing on linux:)-)

  10. mac what? says:

    I think that mac users do this faster because theirs not much to do on a mac. go to toys r us website and look at games for the mac: 24 compared to the ~400 on PC. Any computer now-a-days can websurf, e-mail, watch videos, etc. The extra power is just for games and some gfx intense apps. BTW: most (all?) of those games are ports to mac. That and democracy was first a mac app that was ported to windows, so of course you have a strong mac following. if it was windows ported to mac it would be backwards. If you have to put up with a crappy OS use windows – its way better supported. its not like mac have better virus protection, or firewalls, its just no one write viruses and stuff for mac (they prob. think mac users are suffering enough.) Of course, if you want a non-POS OS then you want to use debian :P

  11. nachX says:

    The comment on top of mine looks really retarded and offtopic, much more like a PC fanboy than a cult user.

    In first place, i dont think he’s a linux user, ’cause he would know that there’s already a port of WINE and a proyect to convert DX to OpenGL for OSX, so the games “problems” will be soon a far cry. And almost the entire mac ppl WORKS on their computers, we’re not diehard gamers, so it’s not stuff to die for.

    Second, the thing about viruses is really a lame story, and so argument-less that its getting patetic. Anyone should know that back in te OS8-9 times the viruses where pretty a lot and the marketshare was much lower than now. OSX has a really strong base to avoid malicious code to be excecuted easily. It’s just that. There’s nothing to do with “no one wants to do virus for mac”. Just read some tech news someday and you will realize that u were wrong.

    Finally, (now back on topic) i think that Democracy its a great app, and the good software gets quickly popular in the mac comunity. So thats why the early adoptation of new versions takes place a lot of times.


  12. macnme says:

    Macs are more efficient making mac users more efficient. window users are too busy scanning their systems and running virus updates.

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