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Democracy 0.9.2 Released – Faster and Smarter

November 27th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

We’ve just released Democracy Player 0.9.2. This version makes some big improvements in speed and memory use. You’ll notice the improvements immediately:

Download Democracy Player 0.9.2

On Windows, the app uses 50-75% less RAM than previous versions. Pretty good progress on that front. Switching between channels is much faster now as well. There are lots of bug fixes in this version too.

Basically, this is the “If you like Democracy Player, but have had problems, try this version.” version. Tell us what you think!

I’ve also made some updates to the front page of the website over the last week. It’s simpler and, I hope, clearer.

37 Responses to “Democracy 0.9.2 Released – Faster and Smarter”

  1. Hetty says:

    Maybe it’s faster. I don’t know. But why does this version want to remove part of my QuickTime? I have no intention of doing so.
    When I said no, and wanted to replace an older version, it didn’t start any more. So I deleted the whole app with all caches and other stuff.

    When trying to post this reply, I get a message that I can’t post every 15 seconds, and ‘slow down cowboy’. Are you guys being silly?

  2. techie says:

    It’s great to see the fast release schedule, but I see that we are waiting for debian and ubuntu versions once again. Any ETA on those? As soon as they’re out I’ll be happy to test.

  3. Tim says:

    I had to download right after 0.9.2.

    When I maximize the window, it’s not locking onto the four corners of my screen (at least when I’m playing back a video). It’s off by an inch on the top and left to where I can’t see that much on the right and bottom.

    ABC News is very good about including anchors throughout their video for various segments. It would be nice if Democracy would make those accessible for me.

    10,767 days

  4. noen says:

    Hetty: I don’t know your platform but on my Windows XP Pro sp2 I have not had that experience. I have Quicktime Pro and iTunes installed. No probs here.

    It would be nice though if Democracy Player would play flv movies even if they aren’t associated with it. I prefer to keep my flv files associated with flv player, but Dem player won’t play them. I have to go to the download folder to play them. Frustrating! I suppose this should be in the feature request section huh?

  5. mookie b says:

    I’m seeing a nice reduction in RAM usage under OS X 10.4. Well done, I can hardly notice when it is running. Thanks!

  6. locosomo says:

    Well, for some reason I’m seeing an increase in the process’ memory usage under 10.4– please note that this is immediately after install and prior to any restart.

  7. Scooter0101001 says:

    Tried the first version before and was disappointed at the lack of compatability with various *.’s, so I got rid of it.

    That said, I’ll wait for more positive feedback until I go through the headache again.

  8. Anywize says:

    I was prompted to download 0.9.2, but once I did so, the program would no longer open. It would either freeze, or would open up an error message. What’s up?!?! I’m running OSX Tiger and 0.9.1 worked perfectly for me. I really LOVE it. Now I find myself without Democracy. What can I do? I tried submitting a bug report, but that page hasn’t even opened for me yet. I’ll keep trying.

  9. Hetal says:

    I installed 0.9.2 on Win XP Home and found the RAM usage reduce drastically compared to previous versions. It is now somewhere between 100-140 Meg. Channels switch and load fast. Great!!!

  10. Halle says:

    Oh, please. Even in the new version you still haven’t updated the FC5 rpms to work with the updated mozilla. So your shiny new rpms won’t install on an updated box. For any other who are still running FC5 and are reading this. To get an installable rpm you have to rebuild it. Get the fedora source rpm and install it. If you haven’t build rpms before you have to do this as root (rpm -ivh Democracy-…). Then open /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/Democracy.spec (in a text editor) and change the line %define mozversion 37:1.7.12 to 37:1.7.13 (on an updated box). Then you can build it: rpmbuild -bb /usr/src/redhat/SPECs/Democracy.spec. And install it: rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/Democracy…

  11. Nicholas Reville says:

    Anywize– I’m sorry to hear that. One thing you can try is to delete the Democracy directory out of Library/Application Support/ . Let me know if that works.

  12. Sean Smith says:

    I didn’t have much luck with previous versions so I tried this and still no luck. As Hettie above pointed out it wanted to remove part of my QT (and did). After I downloaded a video it still didn’t want to open the file (incompatible, it said)

    A lovely idea and I’d like to make it work but…


  13. Nicholas Reville says:

    Hi Sean, what files were you having trouble with? Some videos cannot be played on 10.3.9 because the quicktime components are not compatible with that version of OS X.

  14. Hetty says:

    There is something wrong with this version. Can Democracy please make version 9.0.1 for the Mac available again? Thanks. And give us instructions about what to remove before we install 9.0.1.
    The latest version asked me to remove part of my QuickTime and when I refused, I couldn’t get Democracy working again.
    This looks like a serious security breach.
    And, Sean Smith, if previous versions don’t work either, you could try removing all Democracy caches, application support files and preference files. You can copy or move the movies from your home folder / Movies / Democracy to another place to save them.
    And downloading The Corporation today with version 9.0 didn’t work. I got an error and the downstreaming war interrupted.
    My advice: split the film up in three parts.

  15. Sara says:

    So far in windows XP is great alot more responsive and it uses less ram. I still have not tested on linux, but windows is great first realease tha tI am willing to recomend to other windows users.

  16. Where’s your changelog!?

    It’s standard stuff. I go to your homepage with all these new, NEW, NEW links and there’s nothing saying what IS new? I had to browse over to your blog to find this post three or four posts old which says “it’s faster”. That’s cool, but you need a changelog! It should be linked to wherever there a link to download.

    [what's new here]

    I’m still looking.

    That said, congrats! I noticed you’re getting some buzz! Saw you on boing boing this morning.

    I like how it’s coming along. Really very nice.

  17. marvin tarnol says:

    can someone help me with this 818-379-4100

  18. Sigh says:

    * No ubuntu packages, again.
    * No changelog

  19. Nicholas Reville says:

    Sigh– ubuntu and debian are always a day after mac and windows. Also, if you want to see detailed change info you can look at our bug tracker:

  20. This is a non-technical remark, from a potential user. I found it very difficult to have access to individual programs, and it is those that I, and I think people generally, are interested in. Channels are fine, but not important to the end user. When I tried it some weeks back, I could not find several items through the search engine. What I’d like to see is programs by topic, in addition to the channels. Unfortunately also, the nature of ADSL here in Thailand (my last connection being shared with 925 people …), is not favorable to the use of DP as well.

  21. John Missing says:

    How long before we get a DEbian package for version 0.9.2?
    I submitted the following as a bug:
    I’m running version 0.9.1 under Debian Etch and my sister is running version 0.9.2 under Windows XP. We both have the latest Flash Player from Adobe installed on our respective systems. Occasionally we can get a Flash video (.flv) file to run, but mostly not. When I do get one to run, I have no audio. That particular problem I had with my browser (both Mozilla and Firefox), but was able to overcome by invoking aoss when starting them up. Unfortunately, that workaround will not help with DTV. Nevertheless, I can view the Flash videos with VLC, showing that the problem is not in my system. However, I do not currently have an alternative viewer installed on my sister’s system.

  22. John Missing says:

    Although your site shows that version 0.9.2 is in the Debian re[pository, my latest attempt to update does not show it. Furthermore, doing a web search for it on Debian’s servers, shows version 0.9.1 instead.

  23. Mike V says:

    Looks very promising. Builds fine on Gentoo Linux, with appropriate make.conf entries and python patch. However, it craters before starting up:

    mikev@DellGentoo ~ $ democracyplayer
    terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::python::error_already_set’

    Democracy appears to be putting out an error, but it’s getting lost between Boost and Python and I’m just getting this general error which basically means something in some python script failed.

    So, I’m currently limited to looking at the pretty screenshots and dreaming of one day running it on my Linux boxen. Both of them – laptop and pc – have the identical response. Portage 2.1.2_rc2-r4 (default-linux/x86/2006.0, gcc-3.4.6, glibc-2.4-r3,
    2.6.16-gentoo-r10 i686), Python 2.4.4.

    I’d post this over at the forum but it seems to have forgotten that I registered and has yet to send me a password…

    Be well,

  24. Jace says:

    Does this version support pausing and resuming downloads? I don’t have continuous internet access, so this ability is critical. I’m using iTunes 7 just for that.


  25. Cathy Carlson says:

    I loved my 9.2 until it froze a couple times running on Windows XP Pro SP2. The last time it froze and after rebooting the computer the program’s graphical user interface is lost except for the upper left inch. I was able to open file and start a video and can hear audio but it won’t fill in on the screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. I’m so disappointed as I really LOVED this app. Don’t know how to get it up and running again with the beautiful interface.

  26. Michael F says:

    I’m having the exact same problem as Cathy Carlson above!

    The (9.1) player was running fine earlier today – and had been ever since install on a fresh XP SP2 system over a week ago. However, when I reopened DP just a little while ago, I found that it now stays in a tiny little rectangle in the far upper left of my desktop. Can’t move, resize, or fully open it. I’ve tried rebooting several times, and installing the newer 9.2 version. Nothing so far is working to solve the problem.

    I freaking love this player, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  27. lefty.crupps says:

    Why does the Ubuntu Dapper packages 0.9.2 and up not install on Dapper? You guys are compiling against too-new of libs for Dapper… Any fix in sight for this? Can you compile against older libs or request that they be upgraded to keep pace with your app’s development?

    I am running 0.9.1-1 and its nice but I’d love to see these improvements I just read about, especially since the machine using DemocracyPlayer is going to be attached to the TV for as long as Dapper has updates (3yrs on the desktop)… I’d hate to get stuck at 0.9.1 for three years!

  28. Abi says:

    Awesome, man

  29. Marty says:

    Feb 3, 2007

    Just got a new notebook first week in January. Downloaded and installed Democracy. It only worked fine the first time it ran. Every since, it stays in a little rectangle in the upper left corner of the screen and can not be resized. BROKEN! Why did it work fine for a short while and then stopped?

  30. Marty says:

    Feb 3, 2007

    Just got a new notebook first week in January. Downloaded and installed Democracy- on