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Dumping Your Database

November 22nd, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Occasionally when testing early versions of Democracy Player, the database will get corrupted and you’ll lose your channels. Sorry about that! Chris has just added a feature to the latest RC2 of 0.9.2 which will let you dump out your current database so that you don’t lose it. Here’s how it works:

Update: I misunderstood how database dump works when I talked to Chris. You can’t use a dump to restore a database (though that would be nice, huh). The dump gives you a file that you can send to us to help us debug database related problems that you may be having.

To dump the database at any time, just go to the search tab and type this: LET’S TEST DTV: DUMP DATABASE.

Your database will be dumped to:

Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[you]\Application Data\Participatory Culture Foundation\Democracy Player\Support\database-dump.xml

Linux: ~/.democracy/database-dump.xml

Mac: Somewhere near your database, which is in User/Library/Application Support/Democracy

4 Responses to “Dumping Your Database”

  1. Tim says:

    Cool. Any chance of a mac compile soon?

  2. m--s says:

    … great. Now, how to use it later?

  3. m--s says:

    … I mean: how to import this database-dump.xml file back into Democracy, in case of any troubles?

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