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‘The Corporation’ – Full Movie Now Free

November 26th, 2006 by Dean Jansen

The Corporation is a full-length documentary film that explores the rise, nature, and impact of the corporate entity on society. The documentary probes the lack of accountability and morality that arises in a system where corporate entities are granted the same rights as human beings.

The filmmakers have released a freely downloadable Bittorrent version of the film. We think it’s very cool that the creators are attempting to make their argument heard far and wide. However, we also know that the phrase “downloadable Bittorrent version” is enough to scare most people into not watching the film.

This is where Democracy Player comes in very handy! Use the one-click subscription link at the bottom of the page, and Democracy will automatically download the entire two-and-a-half hour documentary, plus a bonus interview with the creators. If you don’t have Democracy on your computer, just download and install it, then click the subscription link below.

By making their work available, free of charge, the filmmakers behind The Corporation are taking a relatively bold risk. If you like what you see, we suggest you support the filmmakers.

One-Click subscription link for The Corporation

(click the link to watch the film)

Note: Large Bittorrent downloads sometimes take a while to “warm up”. Please give the film ample time to download (possibly over night).

9 Responses to “‘The Corporation’ – Full Movie Now Free”

  1. This is really great! What a great match for the Democracy player.

    (At the moment Democracy thinks it will take 5.5 days to download….)

  2. Dean Jansen says:

    Mike, how long have you had the file downloading? It can sometimes take 25-40 minutes for a torrent to connect to the fastest peers and actually get an accurate time estimate.

  3. Hetty says:

    It will take 6 to 8 hours to download. If only you had split it up in parts.
    This is ridiculous.

  4. Dean Jansen says:

    For the record, we don’t package or host video that you see in Democracy. Democracy is sort of like Firefox in that you’re just using it to browse (video) files that are posted all over the Internet.

    The filmmakers have been nice enough to give everyone access to over 3 hours of DVD quality video. Bittorrent is the best way for the filmmakers to be able to cheaply distribute this amount of information.

    The alternative would be uploading to YouTube or blip.tv, where people could stream an inferior version in real time (which many people would appreciate and use). I checked The Corporation’s website, in order to see if they would be interested in doing this, but I didn’t find any contact info.

    Maybe someone else knows how to get in touch?

  5. Travis says:

    “This is ridiculous.”
    Come on buddy. Stop flaming the comments for everything they do. I love Democracy player and last I checked it was free, lay off.

  6. Seems like it might have been a firewall issue on my friend’s computer. I’m doing it on another computer now and it is a reasonable 6 hours.

    (I’m glad it’s a full version, BTW. Downloading stuff in parts is annoying.)

    BTW, I had got a little sick of people saying each version of Democracy was “finally one you can share with your friends,” or whatever, and then finding that it was slow or kept crashing. But this version really is noticeably better! Keep up the good work and don’t let the whiners get you down.

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