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Lisps and Schemes

December 5th, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Our determination to find the developer who fits most perfectly with us at PCF can only be described as ‘dogged’. One brainstorm we had was to give a shout out to folks that have a special affection for Lisp and Scheme. Democracy isn’t written in those languages, but some developers here think that the kind of person who likes those languages would be likely to be a good fit. Know anyone?

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4 Responses to “Lisps and Schemes”

  1. (Ahem!) Well, I like Lisp a lot, and was about to use it on a project. I think what you guys are doing is rather mega cool. I am well versed in the LAMP technologies, BTW, and and doing lots of stuff in Python these days.

  2. Adam Weiss says:

    Sounds like you want MIT or Berkeley CS grads. They both use Scheme in their “intro to CS” classes. Perhaps you should contact the institutions directly about job boards they may have?

  3. Joao Rebelo says:

    Just a point of view for this discussion, when I look for people to work I look for his experience with the problem paradigm and not with specific technology.
    My guess its harder to train someone for a paradigm (this case the complexities of IPTV) then for a specific language (by the way Python is straightforward to learn).
    What do you have to say for this?

    Cumps from Portugal
    João Rebelo

    PS: By the way, can you reveal when do you guys will select the best men for the job? ;)

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