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Most Common Bugs

December 21st, 2006 by Nicholas Reville

Janet has been getting our bug tracker into shape and she’s put together a list of the most common bugs that people are reporting in Democracy Player 0.9.2. Most of these are somewhat difficult to track down, which is why they haven’t been fixed already. We’ll be tackling on a bunch of them for the next release.

Democracy Player most common bugs.

If you are seeing any of these problems, please feel free to add a comment to the but ticket. Developers– feel free to throw out ideas about how to reproduce or approach some of the more intractable bugs.

2 Responses to “Most Common Bugs”

  1. m says:

    I just downloaded and tried to open and install ‘democracyplayer_0.9.2.1-1ubuntupcf_i386.deb’ for my Ubuntu (which is completely actualized), and I got the next:

    Error: Conflicts with the installed package ‘j2re1.4′

    Can you solve that? I am not going to uninstall the Java client…

    I also tried the version which comes in Synaptic, even if it made use of 10Mbs for installing the Mozilla-Browser. It didn’t work either. That is what I got (afterwards I deleted it):

    miguel@mmaxx:~/bin/democracy-player$ cd /usr/bin
    miguel@mmaxx:/usr/bin$ democracyplayer
    /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/democracy/frontend_implementation/Application.py:30: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.threads_init is deprecated, use gtk.gdk.threads_init instead
    DTV: Starting up Democracy Player
    DTV: Version:
    DTV: Revision: unknown
    DTV: Loading preferences…
    DTV: Restoring database…
    DTV: Recomputing filters…
    DTV: Spawning global feed dtv:manualFeed
    DTV: Spawning global feed dtv:search
    DTV: Spawning global feed dtv:searchDownloads
    DTV: Spawning Channel Guide…
    DTV: Spawning global feed dtv:directoryfeed
    DTV: Spawning auto downloader…
    DTV: Spawning idle notifier
    DTV: idle notifier running
    DTV: Displaying main frame…
    DTV: Starting event loop thread
    /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/democracy/frontend_implementation/gtk_queue.py:103: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.threads_enter is deprecated, use gtk.gdk.threads_enter instead
    DTV: updating the Guide
    /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/democracy/frontend_implementation/gtk_queue.py:119: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.threads_leave is deprecated, use gtk.gdk.threads_leave instead
    *** Launching Democracy Downloader Daemon ****
    *** Daemon ready ***
    ** Message: plugin_get_value 1 (1)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 2 (2)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 1 (1)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 2 (2)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 1 (1)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 2 (2)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 1 (1)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 2 (2)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 1 (1)

    ** Message: plugin_get_value 2 (2)

    INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: JavaPluginFactory5 init – no agent?

    System error?:: No existe el fichero รณ directorio
    downloader: connection closed — quitting
    Shutting down downloaders…

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Bill Hand says:

    If you are running Edgy, I suggest upgrading your java version to JRE v5.0 Update 10 per: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Edgy#How_to_install_JRE_v5.0_Update_10

    And in that same guide, this is the procedure I followed to get a working version: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Edgy#How_to_install_Internet_TV_.28DemocracyTV_beta.29

    At this time, if you have upgraded to Feisty, with the latest updates to Python ver 2.5, Democracy is broken until the dependencies are fixed.


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