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Coverage of 0.9.5

February 16th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

There’s been a lot of good coverage of the 0.9.5 release this week. We’re on the Download.com (and they have a whole lot of feature requests for us), there’s a good post on NewTeeVee about 0.9.5 and our plans for 1.0, and Technology Evangelist put up this video chat interview with me (note the extreme angle!).

One Response to “Coverage of 0.9.5”

  1. Charbax says:

    Could you add Minimize-to-tray feature for the Windows version of 0.9.6 ? With a nice “New video downloaded” popup icon also upon first activity using the mouse after a download is completed.. And an easy bandwidth up/down managment also on a single click on the tray icon. Those features I think could make your software a bit more broadly adopted at least on the Windows platform. On windows, a software which can do stuff all the time in the background, which can just become another icon on the tray is more automatically a success.

    Cool another video at Technologs Evangelist, They make cool HD videos over there..

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