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Democracy Player 0.9.5 RC1

February 7th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We are getting closer and closer to a release of 0.9.5. Please try out our RC1 version and let us know if you see *anything* wrong!

Democracy 0.9.5 RC1

File a bug report here or leave a note in the comments.

The changes in 0.9.5 are:

-Interface overhaul

-Links to post to delicious, digg, reddit

-Proxy support

-Upgrade to VLC 0.8.6 on Windows

-Videos are stored in folders by channel

-Pause / Resume download buttons

-Improved BitTorrent reliability and performance

-New section for seeding torrents and a limit on the number of seeds

-Drop-down for auto-download

-’Details’ link shows extra info about a file

-Better at retrying downloads on network errors

-Thumbnail generation on OSX

Note to mac users: there’s been a mac bug for a long time that causes a small number of mac users to have an error on startup. We think it’s a problem with the database package that we use and we’re planning to switch to a new system. However, there’s a small chance that it’s a problem on our end and we’ve added some code that will give us more information. If you’re getting this error on your mac, please try this version and send us any error that pops-up. Thanks!

9 Responses to “Democracy Player 0.9.5 RC1”

  1. blogum says:

    Thanks¡¡¡ the idea of saving videos in folders by channel is one thing I missed a lot. I´ve downloaded more than 200 videos with democracy and all of them are in the same folder,,,,a mess. I wonder if when we upgrade the downloaded videos will be able to put in these folders and if democracy will recognice them as downloaded.

  2. John Griffin says:

    Thanks guys, liking the delicious and digg support :-)

  3. Timo says:

    When I start democracy all I get is a command prompt with the following message:

    “The command line options couldn’t be loaded, check that they are valid.

    Press the RETURN key to continue…

    [00000001] main private debug: saving plugins cache file C:\Documents and Settings\deckard\Application Data/PCF-VLC/cache/pcfplugins-04041e.dat”

  4. Nicholas Reville says:

    Timo– the windows version has an obvious problem that we just saw and are fixing. There should be an RC2 in the next hour or so.

  5. thejokker says:

    just let us know when the build is stable again, i guess we will repost it on digg or something.

  6. Jon Hicks says:

    Still can’t get the Mac version to launch – I’ve added my crash report to the trac bug 5521.

  7. m--s says:

    Is the (2007-02-08-nightly) version for Windows safe to install? Or does it still contain the bug mentioned by Timo?

  8. Timo says:

    When I use proxy, the channel guide doesn’t load at all.

  9. Matt Cox says:

    I’m running Ubuntu and just built 0.9.5 RC1 from source. It looks really nice, and seems alright… but it still crashes for me when I try playing a video.

    I hate hate official bug reporter systems, but I’ve uploaded my crash reports and what-not for you. Today, using the download above, the system created this bug report:

    (this file is 16mb, right click and save)

    And I copied this from terminal for you. I don’t know if it will be of any help:

    (this is a about 3k)

    I can’t play the video using the last stable version of Democracy either. It always crashes when it tries to play a video; and here’s a crash report from that.

    (this file is 19MB)

    Hope this helps. I just want to watch what I’ve downloaded without having to use another player. :(

    It could be a problem my end, and if it is, any advice would be good on how to solve it.

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