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Democracy Player – bug fix release for Windows

February 21st, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We’ve just posted another bug fix release, which addresses two problems on Windows: a problem where Democracy Player would get errors on some videos from Yahoo search and a problem that would sometimes prevent Democracy Player from playing the next video after one video finished. This update is recommended for all Windows users and we’ll be turning on the auto-update notification.

Download Democracy Player

9 Responses to “Democracy Player – bug fix release for Windows”

  1. Roni says:


    Where is the link to I can find only

    I upgraded to but now the channel guide is stuck on loading.

  2. Nicholas Reville says:

    My fault Roni– we put up the new version but I didn’t change the label on the link. Fixed now.

  3. peteremcc says:

    The homepage download button still says as well.

  4. Lior says:

    Hi, I seems to be having a problem while watching stuff downloaded from YouTube: the colors are all wrong and kind of set aside. In some of the regular channels the movies seem to flicker. I don’t recall having those problems in previous version of the app.

  5. Eric says:


    When I click on a video file and Democracy Player is not running it will play it for a few seconds and will then stop and proceed to download the Channel Guide. I then have to manually reclick on the file to load it. Perhaps the channel guide could wait until after the first video has played or is there an option to manually allow it to load say after the user clicks on it? This problem occurred on the previous version also.
    Great app all the same.

  6. Charlie says:

    I’m having a problem with some local mpg files. They will play the 1st few seconds and then freeze. Other mpg files play fine. None of these files have drm. I also had this problem with the vlc player. All these files play fine on windows media player 11

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Can the next version of the Democracy Player be based off of the latest VLC alpha build (or have it as an option), since the latest VLC 0.8.6a does not properly work with Windows Vista without advanced option tweaks (which I do not think are possible with Democracy), but the latest VLC alpha trunks do appear to fix the issues in Vista.

    Also, if anyone knows how to integrate the latest VLC alpha into the existing Democracy Player, could you please let me know. I would appreciate it a lot.

  8. brianary says:

    Damn. Zefrank, Ninja, Carrotkid, and Vintage Tooncast still flicker.

    Why exactly do they have those additional video tracks anyway?

  9. SlugO says:

    I’m experiencing some annoying flickering too. Atleast with Doogtoons and Ninja…

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