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Democracy problems on OSX?

February 14th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

There’s a conflict on OSX between Democracy Player and some versions of a Camino extension and possibly Growl.

One user says: “I had the very same problem as my previous posters on OSX with the InputManagers. However after updating both GrowlCamino and UnifyCamino Democracy had no more problems with them.

So if 0.9.5 crashes on you mac box try to get the latest updates for your InputManagers. Thats probably a good idea anyway :) .”

Let me know if you’re still having problems after trying that…

Update: We think that we know how to fix this completely on our side of things. Look for an update in the next few days, and thanks for your patience!

14 Responses to “Democracy problems on OSX?”

  1. rcc says:

    Yay, this worked!

  2. BB says:

    I am still having problems to open Democracy and I don’t have any of the above Camino InputManagers. I am running 10.4.8. What should I do?


  3. Nicholas Reville says:

    BB– do you have other input managers like Growl or something in that vein? Can you email me the error that you get? nicholas-at-pculture.org.

    We’re trying to narrow down which extensions cause conflicts, and hopefully we’ll be able to fix it on our end.

  4. mbritt says:

    Same problem with me – I just downloaded Democracy and it crashes or freezes up every time I start it. I have no idea how to “update my input managers”. Don’t even know what that means. I don’t even know what Camino is.



  5. wm says:

    Go into your ~/Library/InputManagers (Home:Library:InputManagers).
    Try to move every single file/folder thats inside there into another directory and restart Democracy. If it’s working have a look at the files you moved afterwards – they might or might not be among the InputManagers mentioned above. If so post them here and someone might have a clue whats wrong.

    If that still don’t help (or you do not even have files/folders in that directory) than try to send the file Democracy.crash.log from the directory ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter (Home:Library:Logs:CrashReporter) together some usefull information to Nicholas – this might help him to discover what went wrong.
    But if you do that please delete that file and let Democracy crash one time afterwards, then zip the newly created file. No one is fond of having his mailaccount full of useless redundant information (every times Democracy crashes it writes probably the same information into that file which gets pretty large after a while).

  6. mbritt says:

    Okay. What is Nicholas’s email address?

  7. Wez Furlong says:

    This got things working for me:

    rm -rf /Library/InputManagers/GrowlCamino

    Note that this is the system not the per use library.

  8. Nicholas Reville says:

    mbritt- i am nicholas-at-pculture.org

  9. Luca Nonato says:


    I had the same problem: Democracy Player quitting without even showing the main window… Updating GrowlCode to last version fixed the problem…


  10. rampancy says:

    If you’re having problems with the current 0.9.5 build, maybe one of the nightlies might help.


    On this page you can also download the previous build too.

    AFAIK, 0.9.5 works fine on my MBP, but crashes on launch on my G3 iBook. Both computers have the same set of Camino, Growl, and InputManager extensions installed.

  11. xtraa says:


    I discovered that it wasn’t growl or camino, but it was SIMBL here. Also have a look in the library/input managers/ folder on your root, just in cas you installed a plugin for all users.

  12. Ricardo says:

    Since I’ve updated to 0.9.5, Democracy freezes on start. The only thing I can do is resize the window, or force it quit.
    Now, I can’t downgrade to 0.9.2, because it changed my library/database/something like that…
    Yes, I’m running on a Mac 10.4.8, and no, I don’t even use Camino (I prefer Firefox).
    What might be the problem with this?

  13. Greg says:

    Doesn’t even open for me. Says it quit unexpectedly. Tried everything listed above, doesn’t work…

    Please post a fixed version soon! :c(

  14. Nicholas Reville says:

    we’ve just posted a fixed version. let me know if any of you are still having problems.

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