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Democracy Stickers and Store Re-opening

February 14th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

democracy sticker

We have just added some beautiful Democracy stickers to our online store.

The store has been offline for a while– we had to switch from using a shipping company to doing this in house. But we’re back up.

One important note: the shirts and stickers are available first come, first serve– once our supply is gone, they will not be re-printed. We’ve got some new stuff up our sleeve…

3 Responses to “Democracy Stickers and Store Re-opening”

  1. børge says:

    Even though I love Democracy, I really can’t stand that logo! I’m sorry, but it’s just so ugly and kind of scary and unsettling. What is that supposed to be? An alien grabbing a baby with lots of hair? A scary looking doll with legs of a big bird on top of it? I don’t get it..

  2. Yardsale says:

    I second that. I’m an art director, and the logo is ugly as sin. I think mostly because of the choice of color for the font.

  3. F.G. Franklin says:

    I would like to post my personal views on the site but do not see resort to post my attachment. I am an author.

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