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How do You use Democracy?

February 5th, 2007 by janet

Not that any of you are average… but we are trying to get a sense of the average use of Democracy Player. Please let us know about how many channels you keep and the amount of downloaded videos you generally keep stored in My Collection.

30 Responses to “How do You use Democracy?”

  1. Barry Ward says:

    around 4 channels with about half a dozen stored.

  2. John Griffin says:

    7 feeds, some YouTube and some MOVs. I only watch the latest stuff and delete as soon as I have seen it.

  3. 30 + chanels
    i save a lot

  4. Judson says:

    9 channels, delete everything after 2 days (auto)

  5. P says:

    last time I checked: about 30 channels, save a lot but mostly temporary. If I want to keep something, I copy it into my media folder so that I have everything in one place.

    DP is broken on both my ubuntu edgies so it just downloads ATM, I watch them in external players

  6. sieb says:

    15 channels only save one channel, however I have to go to details > reveal local file everytime because I need more control over my video. (crop 16:10 with vlc to fit my monitor)

  7. delnogal says:

    31 channels registered
    around 120 saved ( actually, I keep everything from some documentary channels, and let the other information channels roll. )

  8. Grant says:

    Maybe 50 channels although I only watch about 5. It’s too hard to navigate from the couch on the HDTV with the small fonts so I go with what I know.

  9. I use it with rss feeds from tvrss.net

    I safe the files, but move them to my external hd.

  10. oudknoei says:

    19 feeds. Almost nothing saved once I watch it.

  11. Bentzurm says:

    20 video blog channels + a couple TVRSS channels.
    My collection has 18 videos right now (all unwatched, I don’t save anything)

  12. Matt Cox says:

    I’m quite new to it, but I’ve currently got 4 Channels and have elected to store videos for a month.

    However, right now am having a bit of trouble playing them through Democracy, and have been using VLC.

    Also, I spy that you have a little competition: http://www.zudeo.com/

  13. Ken Scott says:

    I have 73 channels in 14 folders which include both audio and video podcasts. I watch content via Democracy more than TV.

  14. JP says:

    3 Channels and everything is removed after 5 days (auto)

  15. Daniel says:

    I have about seven channels that I use for automatic torrent downloads from TVRSS.net. But I then play those videos in VLC or on a different PC.

  16. gRegor says:

    I’m pretty new to Democracy, but 20 channels in 5 folders currently. Most items I delete as soon as I watch them.

  17. Michael F says:

    i currently monitor 37 channels, but am new to DP and am positive there are more good feeds out there that i just haven’t found yet. i watch almost zero content on broadcast tv and probably somewhere around 2 hours per day on DP.

    my default deletes are 3 – 6 days for news and 1 month for most everything else.

    feeds i archive: zefrank, diggnation, daryl hannah, ctrl+alt+chicken, system, web drifter, alive in baghdad, weird america, next to heaven, NOVA, TERRA, and some select indigital and treehuggerTV.

  18. ASL says:

    I have about more than 200 feeds (youtube, google, reevers and blip) and 25 folders. 4500 videos in my collection. I watch democracy tv more than TV.

  19. Shilen Patel says:

    I have about 20 or so channels, I change them frequently though as my tastes change often. I do keep the longer videos, and dump the videos that are less than about 20 minutes.

  20. agntdnl says:

    I’m subscribed to 20 channels, 3 daily, 2 weekly and the rest only have occasional updates or are primarily distribution channels for larger videos that I don’t watch frequently. I usually delete stuff after watching it, but I have a few saved and the larger files generally hibernate for a few weeks before I get around to watching them. I try to keep my unwatched stuff to under 20.

    I would have some TVRSS feeds but right now I don’t have time to watch them.

  21. billy says:

    About 30 channels. Some from the Democracy channel list, some from various rss feeds around the net. I very rarely save any videos after watching them. Of the 30, less than half are updated frequently or regularly.

  22. tim agen says:

    25 feeds, only 2 of which are video. Store many until I consume them. Delete ~5% before I consume due to content.

  23. Jerry says:

    I have about 20 channels and about 5 saved videos. I only save videos which would take a long time to download again or may not always be available.

  24. Kelly says:

    I have 70 channels in my own list. Most are from your Channel Guide. The rest I have pasted in the feed myself. There would be more but Democracy Player rejected them for some reason. That is actually good because I’d probably have more like 4,000 in my list by now. :-) I currently have 250 count in my New Videos list. It seems I have 260+ in My Collection. Some of those will not be playable because they are in an unsupported format or just somehow refuse to play. I love this player! Please keep working on it!!

  25. Macinburgh says:

    Generally about 6 news channels at home (attached to a LCD TV)
    and 6 scientific channels at office for teaching purpose.
    Great feature of Democracy player to serach video sites (google, yahoo, youtube …). Sometime search topic to download for teaching purpose.

  26. indiworks says:

    sorry, off topic: how can we best reach you if we have problems with our videobomb feeds/publishing? hello (at) videobomb (dot) com is not working (PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 554 : Relay access denied), feedback… takes its time to answer and the forums look not too active… thanks!

  27. Patrick says:

    25+ channels. I add/remove several every other week. About 4 from the channel guide (GeekBrief!) and I have several TV Rss feeds as some others have mentioned. These torrents don’t download as efficiently it seems as with other torrent clients, but they do download. I also like the changes in 0.95RC. It has what I thought was lacking which was an ability to figure out what was seeding and so on. Plus the addition of images for videos you’ve watched is a great feature.

    Excellent job guys – I now only watch TV if I have to! (Financial news…)

    Now if I could only integrate it with MythTV… :)

  28. thejokker says:

    have about 20 feed/channels all vodcasts a few from the channel guide

  29. AmericanJeff says:

    I stopped using it. I thought it was really neat for a while but then I got a PMP and it’s much easier to use Thunderbird with Save-As to put videos directly on the mounted volume.

  30. emf says:

    Daily, I compare Democracy Now! with NBC Nightly News and lament.

    Also, I’m experimenting with creating an electronic music channel on my website.

    Please keep up the good work. This is an exceedingly important program, and your efforts are massively appreciated.

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