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Democracy Stickers and Store Re-opening

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

democracy sticker

We have just added some beautiful Democracy stickers to our online store.

The store has been offline for a while– we had to switch from using a shipping company to doing this in house. But we’re back up.

One important note: the shirts and stickers are available first come, first serve– once our supply is gone, they will not be re-printed. We’ve got some new stuff up our sleeve…

Democracy problems on OSX?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

There’s a conflict on OSX between Democracy Player and some versions of a Camino extension and possibly Growl.

One user says: “I had the very same problem as my previous posters on OSX with the InputManagers. However after updating both GrowlCamino and UnifyCamino Democracy had no more problems with them.

So if 0.9.5 crashes on you mac box try to get the latest updates for your InputManagers. Thats probably a good idea anyway :) .”

Let me know if you’re still having problems after trying that…

Update: We think that we know how to fix this completely on our side of things. Look for an update in the next few days, and thanks for your patience!

Democracy Player 0.9.5 Released

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

We have just released version 0.9.5 of Democracy Player. This is a major update, with lots of new features and an interface overhaul.

Download it here: Democracy Player 0.9.5


What’s new in this version:

Refined interface. simpler, smoother, easier to use.

Share menu. New ‘share’ menu on each item lets you email a video or post to Video Bomb, del.icio.us, Digg, or Reddit.

Partial proxy support. We are halfway done with proxy support. You should be able to use Democracy Player with no problems, but you won’t be able to access the Channel Guide from within the player. You can get to the channel guide on the web here.

VLC 0.8.6 on Windows. We’ve upgraded the version of VLC that powers Democracy Player for Windows. This version has much better flash video support for sites like YouTube.

Videos stored in folders by channel. Videos that you download from video feeds will now be stored in a folder with the name of the channel. This should keep things much more organized.

Pause / Resume downloads. Long awaited! You can now pause and resume any download or all downloads.

Better BitTorrent support. BitTorrent performance is significantly improved.

Show seeding on torrents. In the downloading tab, you can see all the torrents you are currently seeding and you can stop them if you choose to.

Drop-down for auto-download. There’s a new drop-down menu on each channel that let’s you set the Auto-Download mode without going into the channel settings.

Thumbnail generation on OSX. On Mac, if you have downloaded a video that doesn’t have a thumbnail, we will make one automatically.

‘Details’ section. Each video item has a ‘details’ button that will show you any additional information we have about the video. This includes details about torrent status, the filename of the video, the full description, etc.

Retry downloads on network errors. If your internet connection gets interrupted or if something else goes wrong with a download, Democracy Player will automatically retry. Very helpful.

Bug fixes and other little touches.

That’s a lot of new stuff, let us know what you think!


-As we move closer to version 1.0, we are focusing more and more on bug fixing. If you find any bugs in Democracy Player, please tell us by filing a bug report. The more details you can give, the better.

-Mac users: there is a rare bug on mac that prevents the application from launching. We will be switching the Democracy Player database in the next version to correct this. For now, you can get the application to launch again by deleting this folder: open your Home folder (it has a picture of a house on it), then go to the Library folder, then the Application Support folder. Once you are there, find the folder called ‘Democracy Player’ and drag it to the trash.

-Ubuntu users: we now have our own repositories to help you stay up to date more easily. Add it once and you’ll find out whenever we update. How to install on Ubuntu.

getmiro.com now translated into 18 languages

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

The front page of getmiro.com is now translated in 18 languages! About half of our downloads come from outside the US and this should boost that number even higher.

You’ll notice that not all the translations are complete and lots of popular languages are missing. We still need help translating the website.

We hope to make more of the internal pages translatable in the future.

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