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February 23rd, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

A couple weeks ago, Mozilla UI Designer Mike “Beltzner” Beltzner came to visit us in Worcester. While he was here chatting about Democracy Player UI and possible Firefox / Democracy integrations, he showed me a Firefox extension called Sxipper which manages passwords and fills out forms for you. It kicks ass. And it has really strengthened my resolve to find a way to build an extension system for Democracy Player, despite the technical magnitude and some justifiable skepticism from the developers here.

The first challenge to making an extension system (which I may have mentioned before) is defining which parts of the app are open to extending. Since we don’t have a clear idea of what types of extensions would be most useful, this problem of scope is a big one. An extension system definitely won’t make it into 1.0, but hopefully we can figure something out not too long after.

3 Responses to “Sxipper”

  1. As a Firefox user, I welcome the idea. I can see a small and simple extension that integrates Democracy Channels and Playlists in the Firefox Sidebar. Lean black glass interface shows the last X video-thumbs of each channel or playlist chosen from a pulldown menu, and each thumb shows whether the file is downloaded, is downloading right now or is yet to be downloaded. Use special Democracy URLs to load Democracy channels into the sidebar, showing the last X video-thumbs, with a button to subscribe or not. Clicking on a Download/Play icon on the video-thumb’s edge opens Democracy, which downloads/plays that video. A download play icon for the channel allows global download / play as playlist for the channel. In the Firefox statusbar, an icon has two colors – dim and lit – showing whether there’s a new show from any of your channels downloaded or not.

  2. Abraxias says:

    sounds like Mike Beltzner is suggesting something similar to Songbird (which is built with Firefox and uses extensions). if that were the case, rather than start from scratch or do a software overhaul, might as well merge the Democracy Player with Songbird. it is possible to merge them, since both use VLC media player.

    otherwise, the Democracy Player can continue to evolve without Firefox and extensions.

  3. Ross says:

    Suggested plug-in classes:

    * UIs: ’10-foot’ UI with Front Row like navigation. See EyeTV for example
    * CODECs: Additional video codecs
    * SOURCE FEEDS: Ability to subscribe to other feeds that are RSS based, or screen-scraping based.
    * REMOTE CONTROL: (Aability to patch in remote controls if the box allows (like Apple’s remotes that come with each machine now.)

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