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Democracy Player is helping France’s ‘actual democracy’

March 7th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

People often think that since we are called ‘Democracy Player’ the software is only for political videos. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that’s not the case at all (I’ll have more on that naming problem soon). But for now, I want to highlight a wonderful use of Democracy Player that actually IS political videos.

The presidential campaign in France is heating up. There are two major candidates competing. One of them, Ségolène Royal, is offering a custom version of Democracy Player on her website. It comes with her own videos channels by default and a custom channel guide. We worked with their team to build these custom versions. Users can download them by visiting the site and clicking the ‘P2P’ link: Désirs d’avenir. But if you already have Democracy Player, there’s no need to re-download. Just add their custom channel guide to your player. Go to the ‘Channel’ menu and select ‘New Channel Guide…’ then paste in this URL: http://tv.emilitants.org/cg/index.php

One of the best things about the 5 channels they have created is that they are full of long-form videos. This is not soundbite-driven politics. And we think Democracy Player is perfect for this type of longer-format and higher definition content.

5 Responses to “Democracy Player is helping France’s ‘actual democracy’”

  1. Charbax says:

    Good job. I hope all of the 13 million french broadband users will have installed this customized Democracy Player before the end of the campaign which is in less than a couple of months.

  2. jyunmi says:

    Now if you guys can hook up with one or more of the US candidates. Or maybe even offer to make a channel guide for each one. Or some sort of channel through the opencongress site. That would probably work best. Offer each candidate a RSS channel through OC. Killing two birds with one stone. Getting longer-format information to the voters plus establishing that OC is the best place to get your political news. The smaller(i.e. poorer) candidates will get as much view time as possible and the larger candidates will have one more avenue to explore. The fact that the sites and technology involved in this process are unbiased in nature will ensure it’s popularity. Hopefully this will increase voter-ship. Or at least increase each voter’s knowledge of the candidates.

  3. Stan Garret says:

    Good Job, i’m one of the French which download Democracy Player from desirsdavenir.com !
    She’s the most democratic people in the presidential campaign.


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