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Minor Update – Democracy Player

March 19th, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We put up a bug fix release over the weekend, Democracy Player for Mac and Windows. This fixes the problem with searching Google video (Google had changed their format and now we’re in sync) and it updates some of the language files (more translations).

Get it here: Democracy Player

I don’t think we’ll turn on the auto-update notification for this, since it’s a minor fix. We’re working on a much better updating system right now, so this notify / don’t notify quandary shouldn’t happen again.

9 Responses to “Minor Update – Democracy Player”

  1. I installed the newest version and the result was a browser window with the following error:

    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://dtv/content/startup.xul
    Line Number 8, Column 1:

  2. janet says:

    Christian – we have an open ticket on this – http://develop.participatoryculture.org/trac/democracy/ticket/3579.

    There is also some discussion in the forum and a suggestion for a workaround from the developer investigating this problem.


  3. Matt Hartley says:

    On the Linux front, I am seeing a much bigger problem:

    W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/democracy/linux/repositories/ubuntu/edgy/democracyplayer-data_0.9.5.3-1ubuntupcf_all.deb
    404 Not Found

    W: Failed to fetch http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/democracy/linux/repositories/ubuntu/edgy/democracyplayer_0.9.5.3-1ubuntupcf_i386.deb
    404 Not Found

    Can we get some working repos? Not sure if this is known, but it does limit things some. :)

  4. Janet says:

    Sorry about the mix up. For the linux distributions, we have source available, but we don’t have the repositories up yet.

  5. Dan Schmidt says:

    Yes, please fix the ubuntu repo!!

  6. Dan Schmidt says:

    Or, at least remove it so our package managers don’t drive us insane!

  7. John Missing says:

    Under Debian we are still at version

  8. Phil Clooth says:

    I had exactly the same Error window appearing
    as Christian had:
    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://dtv/content/startup.xul
    Line Number 8, Column 1:

  9. Ajax Spring says:

    still investigating ist

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