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New version of XiphQT

March 23rd, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

There’s a new version of XiphQT, which is the behind-the-scenes code that helps Democracy Player for OSX play Ogg files. We’ll be including this in an upcoming release of ours and it should make Ogg playback much more efficient. If you use the XiphQT plugin yourself, this version supports creation of Oggs, which is very handy.

What’s new in XiphQT 0.1.7. Thanks for your great work Arek!

2 Responses to “New version of XiphQT”

  1. Dick Feeley says:


    It might be nice if you were so kind as to make note this announcement only applies to those running MacOS? According to the link there are no newer files for Win32….

  2. Nicholas Reville says:

    Sorry! I just added that. On windows VLC does all the video work, no extra add-ons needed.

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