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All-New Channel Guide is Live!

April 3rd, 2007 by Nicholas Reville

We have just launched the all-new Democracy Channel Guide! You can see it in the Channel Guide tab of your Democracy Player.

Ben wrote this guide from scratch (the previous guide was based on drupal) and it’s much faster. It’s also a clean, solid codebase for future improvements, which aren’t too far away.

Channel Owners: now is a good time to update the thumbnail and description that goes with your channel. The new guide is smarter about handling images and if you give it a nice big graphic it will size it to perfection. Your login from the previous guide will still work here.

Let me know what you think of the new guide and especially if you run into any bugs.

6 Responses to “All-New Channel Guide is Live!”

  1. Neil says:

    I like the new guide.
    as you know ATV (apple tv) just came out and its already being hacked for streaming with diffrent services (other than itunes) is someone working on connectivity with the apple tv module? I like all apple products except itunes and id rather stream my subcriptions with Democracy player because im too lazy to switch to another program.

  2. richard says:

    is nice thanks
    i like the way that the featured channels scroll though i think it would be more interesting to have a greater verity of channels being featured at one time , maybe those that are often being freshed with new content

    there seem to be way to many channels that you try to subscribe to that then tell you are incompatible with democracy , and then most often come up with 0 videos , is there not a way that feeds can be checked for actually working before a channel is listed ??

    , sometimes also a channel or feed will show a video that when you download will not play even in vlc , when you reveal the local file it has a whole bunch of bile in it’s title after the .flv that when removed will then play with vlc but now changed cannot be found by democracy , is there a fix maybe to strip the junk after the .flv or a way to stop the video being listed so as to not waste the time downloading stuff that won’t work
    keep up the great work guys

  3. Hi, I also like the new Channel Guide but I have comments about some streams listed in it.

    The only way to contact someone I had found in the guide is to go to “Submit a Channel” where you can find “If you have any problems submitting your channel or if you are trying to update a channel that is already listed in the Guide, email us: cg@pculture.org

    I have done that but it bounces;

    : host mail.participatoryculture.org[] said: 550
    : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local
    recipient table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

    This was the message I was trying to send;


    I have some comments about two listings;

    # TeXtra


    If you know the name and you to a search for it you can find it.

    It is taged to be in the categorie “news”, what is correct.

    But when I go to the categorie “news” and browse all the 58 listings
    Textra can not be found.

    # Geek brief TV


    It taged with the categorie “comedy”. This is not correct. It must be
    “news” and also “Technology”.

    Very nice the new directory btw. Because I am used to wikis I am missing
    a system that supports a more direct way of editing the listings besides
    this; writing an email.


  4. Chadd says:


    As a moderator who checks channels before they enter the guide I can tell you that we have people (including myself)who verify that channels work before they are put into the guide. One problem I have personally noticed is that a lot of channels that once worked and made it into the guide have ceased to exist. This is a common problem when people decide to stop producing content, but with 1000 channels or so in the guide it is difficult to sort through and find the ones that don’t work. I can tell you that it is being work on and hopefully the new guide will make adding this much easier.

  5. [...] After our transition to the new Channel Guide, we accumulated a pretty serious backlog of unreviewed channels. [...]

  6. [...] After our transition to the new Channel Guide, we accumulated a pretty serious backlog of unreviewed channels. [...]

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