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Appear on Make Internet TV

April 21st, 2007 by Dean Jansen

This is a call for all experienced internet-based video makers, actors, and producers to help enrich the video making community with two minute instructional videos.

It’s also your chance to appear on Make Internet TV alongside some of the most popular video bloggers out there.

Watch to find out more…

Submission Requirements

  • Short (1-4 minutes)
  • Narrow Focus
  • Directly Related to Creating Internet Video.
  • Licensed as Creative Commons BY-SA
  • High Quality Video (we prefer having a copy that is higher than 320 by 240 pixels)
  • Make Sure We Can Get in Touch With You

Teach about something you’re interested in, be it interacting with your audience, methods you use to promote your videos, or some unique aspect of how you create your videos. Please target an audience that isn’t terribly experienced with internet video.

Introduce yourself (and/or your show), and then give away your most valuable video making secret!

Keep it lean, compelling and topical. For more detailed information relating to your topic (links and details), we can link back to a wiki page where you (and community members) can expand upon your topic.

Do your best! Only strong submissions will be featured. We have some big names who have committed to shooting videos, so you’ll be in good company.

Once your video is ready, please submit a link (to your video) to the MITV Video Library (note: the link can be to a flash video, but if we choose your video, we’ll need something like a high resolution .mp4, .mov, .avi, etc).

The due date is May 31st, so get your cameras rolling!

Note 1: These requirements are from the Contribute Video page of the MITV Wiki.

Note 2: Even if your video isn’t featured on the main MITV site, it will always be an asset in the MITV Wiki.

5 Responses to “Appear on Make Internet TV”

  1. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to see what comes out of this!

  2. Great idea. We’d be glad to share our tips. After four years of creating a web sitcom, we must have learned something…

  3. Dean Jansen says:


    Would love to have your advice ^_^

  4. hamish says:

    Here is a video from our offlineTV show – on how to power your production/editing studio on a cheap portable soler power that backs up to fit in you small day pack – a bit off topic but good if you are producing in the wilds (:

    its a full rez torrent:


    and the is a streaming version here:



  5. [...] We recently put out a call to experienced video producers, requesting short videos with advice about “making internet video”. The best will be embedded in Make Internet TV. [...]

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