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Democracy Player Becomes A NetSquared Featured Project

April 30th, 2007 by admin

Good news: The Democracy Player has been recognized as one of the hottest social web tools on the Internet. That’s a fancy way of saying that we’ve been recognized for using our great video desktop application to enhance the way people use the Web.

This great award comes to us via some really competitive voting on Netsquared.

We were among more than 150 organizations to submit projects for voting, and then we nervously waited while more than 3,000 ‘net citizens voted. When the final results were tallied, The Democracy Player ranked No. 16!

Will this make us rich and famous? No.

Do we still have lots of work to do to make The Democracy Player the best it can be? You bet.

Here’s what the award really means to us: It’s a recognition of our hard work and your great support. We know lots of Democracy users navigated to the NetSquared site and cast votes for us. And for that, we are most thankful. Nicholas Reville, our co-founder and executive director, is really grateful. That’s because he and another lucky staff member will get to fly to San Jose for the NetSquared Conference 2007 (N2Y2) May 29-30.

We really like the blurb NetSquared put out about the conferece: “In May 2007, 350 members of the NetSquared community are invited to the Cisco campus to participate in accelerating 21 great projects that utilize the technologies, tools and communities of the social web to create societal impact in a sustainable fashion. We will accelerate these projects by providing cash awards from the newly created Technology Innovation Fund and by connecting them with funders, developers, consultants, the tech support community, and other people and organizations that can help the projects attain the next level.”

So there you have it. Your voting has helped us win a prestigious award and as a result, we may have the opportunity to connect with some very powerful people who can help us get to the next level.


One Response to “Democracy Player Becomes A NetSquared Featured Project”

  1. Justin says:

    All you have to do to make me happy is: get it working on Feisty :-)

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