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Wanted: Volunteer Channel Moderators

April 7th, 2007 by Dean Jansen

We’re looking for a few volunteers who can reliably spend 1-3 hours per week approving submissions to the Channel Guide.

If you’re interested in being a moderator, please register yourself in the Channel Guide and send us a self-introductory email to Channels [@t] PCulture.org.

In the message, include your Channel Guide username, a bit of background about yourself (like a mini bio), and a sentence or two explaining why you think you’d make a good moderator.

Because the Channel Guide is a core component of the Democracy platform, we must reserve the right to turn down applicants. That said, we’re not overly picky — if you’re in doubt, give it a shot!

One Response to “Wanted: Volunteer Channel Moderators”

  1. Vanessa Hamer says:

    Hi Democracy!

    I love Democracy, and I want to get involved in any way I can. So much power! So little authority!

    I love open source of all kinds, but especially open source that affects realities for real people who could use some real tools. I would love to volunteer a few hours a week to support your work.

    I work at a place that is building oss for community organizing (topp.openplans.org). What we’re doing is AWESOME! But I really want to get involved in other open source projects that have a direct impact on low-geek folks, and for a non-programmer becoming a Democracy Channel Moderator sounds like a perfect opportunity.

    I’m reliable, I’m psyched, and I’m ready to start.

    Best regards,


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